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 Where's Walter? 

Where's Walter

 Most Recent

  • On August 13 – 14, I attended and provided a keynote address for Lansing Community College’s Higher Education & Leadership Symposium (MI).
  • August 7 – I attended a convening of the Higher Education Reauthorization Task Force Meeting led by AACC Senior Vice President David Baime in Washington, DC.
  • July 28 – 31 – I attended the annual AACC Board of Directors retreat and meeting (Washington, DC).
  • July 18 – 21, I was pleased to welcome and to provide a keynote address to 56 CEOs and 11 spouse/partners at the 2015 Presidents Academy Summer Institute held in Austin, Texas. 
  • July 16 – 17, member of the AACC Executive Leadership Team and I participated in our annual retreat.  We were hosted by Austin Community College President Richard Rhodes and toured his ACCelerator, by Dr. John Roueche and the staff of National American University, by Dr. Evelyn Waiwaiole of the Center for Community College Engagement and by Dr. Cynthia Ferrell at the Texas Student Success Center in Austin, Texas.
  • July 14, I was delighted to join Congressman Bradley Byrne and Legislative Assistant Lora Hobbs to discuss several issues of importance to community colleges (Washington, DC).
  • On July 10, I was pleased to join members of the Association of Community College Trustees’ Board of Directors for dinner in Washington, DC
  • On July 8, I provided a presentation via Adobe Connect to doctoral students in Ferris State University community college leadership program
  • On July 7, I participated in the America’s College Promise Coalition Meeting in Washington, DC
  • On July 1, I participated in a Homeland Security Academic Advisory Council Meeting in Washington, DC
  • June 26 – I provided a presentation to the University of Maryland University College doctoral program (Washington, DC)
  • June 21–23 – I was pleased to welcome 42 female leaders to our first “Women and Leaders,” pre-conference provided in conjunction with the Roueche Future Leaders Institute. Later, I provided a keynote presentation to the Roueche Future Leaders Institute June cohort. (Las Vegas, NV)
  • June 10 – AACC staff and I attended a briefing on America’s College Promise (Washington, DC)
  • June 8 – Several members of the AACC staff and I met with Dr. Peter Ewell of NCHEMs to discuss his recent work on accreditation (Washington, DC)
  • June 4-5 – I traveled to Dallas, Texas, to co-preside over the second meeting of AACC and AASA, the School Superintendents Association to discuss college readiness.
  • June 2 – I attended a meeting of the Washington Higher Education Secretariat (Washington, DC).
  • May 20 – I met with Congressman Bradley Byrne to discuss several higher education issues (Washington, DC).

 Where Was Walter?

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