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 2015 PASI Presentations 

AACC and the Presidents Academy Executive Committee thanks everyone who participated in the 2015 PASI. Presentations from the institute are below.

Saturday, July 18

Welcome to PASI 2015 (Austin)

Community Colleges and the 21st Century: A National Perspective (Bumphus)

Sunday, July 19

Pathway Presidents: The Critical Role of the President in Building Student Success Pathways On Our Campuses (Stout, Hamann)

Competency-Based Education-Best Practices (Tammone)

Monday, July 20

Advancing Change Capability, Agility, and Innovation at Your College: Learning Outcomes (Sharp, Spilde, Weber)

Rogues & Curmudgeons: Special Challenges to Community College Presidents (O'Banion)

Tuesday, July 21

Leadership in Times of Change: President's Perspective and Advice (Graham, Phelan, Russell, Dukes, Schaffer)

The Presidential Contract: Reflections & Best Practices (Bumphus, Polonio)


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