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 AACC Commissions FAQ 

The AACC Board has authorized six commissions with the purpose of providing advice to the AACC Board and staff. Each commission consists of an average of 24 individuals. CEOs and administrators from member colleges in good standing may be nominated, or nominate themselves, to sit on a commission. People from organizations who work in areas that are relevant to the specific commissions' specific charges may also sit on the commission.

The six commissions are:

  • Commission on Academic, Student and Community Development 
  • Commission on Communications and Marketing 
  • Commission on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity 
  • Commission on Economic and Workforce Development 
  • Commission on Global Education 
  • Commission on Research, Technology and Emerging Trends

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get on a commission?

AACC will alert the field via the bi-weekly AACC Letter when commissions are accepting applications. Those interested in serving submit forms, which will be included in the Letter, and housed online.

Commission members are chosen by the AACC Chair-Elect annually in May. Those selected will begin serving in July of that year. 

Commission members appointed by the Chair-Elect must represent institutions that are members in good standing of AACC.

If I am not a CEO, can I be nominated as an institututional member?

Institutional members on commissions must be CEOs or campus leaders. However, affiliated council representatives can be employed in many different areas.   

How long are commission terms for institutional members and affiliated council representatives?

Commissioners designated as institutional members serve for three years. Affiliated council representatives serve an annual term, and must be reappointed each year. 

When are commission meetings held?

The commissions meet twice a year, once in the fall in Washington, DC, and once in the spring in conjunction with the AACC Convention.


Dr. Angel M. Royal
Chief of Staff
202.728.0200 ext. 255
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