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 AACC Accepting 2014 Board Nominations for Institutional and Council Representatives 


Now is the time to get involved! The AACC Board Committee on Directors and Membership Services request recommendations of institutional and council representative candidates to be considered for placement on the slate for the 2014 Board of Directors’ Election. Self-nominations are welcome. The deadline for receiving nominations is Friday, October 11, 2013. Please send nominations to Ricardo Torres, Chair of the Committee on Directors and Membership Services via e-mail to Each Affiliated Council will have the opportunity to nominate eligible candidates for the slate for the AACC Board of Directors based on standards and guidelines for the Institutional Slate. The Affiliated Council will be fully responsible for vetting each candidate and certifying that he or she is eligible and meets the prescribed requirements that have been established by the AACC Board of Directors. Affiliated Council nominees must be members of AACC through their college’s membership of via an individual affiliated membership. Affiliated Councils are encouraged to nominate CEOs for council board seats as AACC is a CEO organization. The documents that certify the candidate as eligible to be on the AACC Board of Directors slate will be forwarded to the AACC Chief of Staff to be held with the documents for the Institutional Members for the slate. (The National Asian/Pacific Islander Council, the National Community College Hispanic Council, the National Council of Black American Affairs and Community Colleges for International Development, Inc. currently have representatives on the board, and are not eligible to put a member forth for this voting cycle.)

For additional information, contact Angel M. Royal, 202-728-0200 ext. 255.

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