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Submitting a Proposal

 Proposal Outline 

Preparing Your Proposal

DO NOT begin completing the proposal submission process until you have collected all pertinent data.  All fields within the form are “forced” fields meaning that you will not be able to move forward to the next field until you have completed the field that you are working on. 

A proposal should not include the names of co-presenters who have not been notified of the submission. AACC will not notify co-presenters of a proposal being submitted or accepted.  Only the main contact on the proposal submission will receive a notification from AACC.  It is the responsibility of the proposal submitter to contact each proposed co-presenter to ask his/her permission to be included in the proposal submission. 

Getting Started

Only member institutions' and organizations' proposal submissions will be reviewed.  If a non-member organization submits a proposal, it will be removed from the active list of presentations and will not be considered for inclusion on the program. 

Submission Type

There are four types of sessions: pre-convention, forum, ED Talk, and Work Session.  Select one. 

Convention Track

Each proposal must directly tie to one of the seven convention tracks.  Multiple tracks cannot be selected. 

Session Title

A proposal must have a short, specific title that indicates the nature of the presentation and cannot be no more than 80 characters.  Catchy titles to attract attendees are encouraged as long as they clearly define the content of the forum session.

Session Description

What is your session about? The session description will be included in the program booklet, so it should be snappy and relevant to the convention theme and track. AACC reserves the right to edit titles and descriptions. Description is limited to 600 characters.


Why should this proposal be accepted for the AACC convention agenda?  How is it relevant to the sector?  Is the proposal providing a solution to some well-known problem?  Response limited to 100 characters.

Target Audience

Choose the employee category(ies) that this proposal is targeting as its audience. 

Learning Outcomes

The proposal submission should list what convention attendees will learn if they opt to attend the proposed session. 

Integration of Technology

Explain how you plan to use technology (if you're planning to use it) in your session.  If you are not planning to use technology please type "N/A" in the field.

Audio Visual

Provide any technology needs you might have in this section. 

Audio visual is one of the most expensive investments that AACC makes.  There are a limited number of rooms with Internet connectivity, DVD players, and sound available. In order to be scheduled for one of these rooms, it is important that the proposal submitter make AV requests at the time of the proposal submission. 

If additional AV is required, presenters will have to cover this at their own expense, including Internet or other video needs.

Laptops ARE NOT provided.  Presenters should plan to bring their own.  If the presenter does not have a laptop, one can be rented by the onsite AV provider.

Session Main Contact and Panelists

All individuals listed within this session will be panelists on the program.  The main contact should be the panelist responsible for coordinating all aspects of the session, including communicating with the other panelists. 

Sessions can have a maximum of four presenters – NO EXCEPTIONS.  Complete contact information is required for all workshop leaders.

Main Contact Responsibilities

The main contact for the session is responsible for the following: 

  • Identifying all co-presenters and seeking their permission to include them on the proposal submission before completing the AACC process.
  • Meeting all established deadlines to make corrections to presenter names and titles.
  • Uploading of all handouts and PowerPoint presentations to the identified association website for availability to attendees after the convention.
  • Ordering and paying for any AV from the association-approved AV provider (if required).

Agree to Terms and Conditions

All main contacts and panelists must register for the convention or as a speaker if the program is accepted for the program.

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