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 J. Craig Venter 

Scientist & Founder
The Institute for Genomic Research
College of San Mateo, California

Craig Venter is President and Chief Scientific Officer of Celera Genomics Corp. in Rockville, MD. Under his leadership, researchers there have used automated DNA sequencing machines and supercomputers to identify, analyze and catalog the estimated 65,000 human genes-regions of DNA that serve as the blueprints for proteins, the chemicals that determine every organism's physical characteristics. As Science magazine describes, these discoveries "will have a practical payoff...helping to identify genes that transform harmless bacteria into killers." A three-year medical corpsman in Vietnam, Venter attended the College of San Mateo and then transferred to UC San Diego where he received his PhD in physiology and pharmacology. Venter is the author of more than 145 research articles, has edited a book series on receptor biochemistry and methodology, serves on several editorial boards, and is editor-in-chief of a new journal, Genome Science and Technology.

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