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 Theme & Curriculum Tracks 


The community college mission is defined by a commitment to access and equal learning opportunity for every individual. That commitment has fueled our dynamic growth and made us unique – both as a reflection of our nation’s democratic principles and as an innovative learning enterprise around the world. It has also created a rich and vibrant diversity found within no other sector. The 89th Annual Convention of the American Association of Community Colleges highlights that diversity, reaffirms the commitment, and envisions a society where the dream is shared by all.

NOTE: The lists below are not meant to be exhaustive. The selection of a category should be seen as a guide only. The evaluation of proposals is not affected by the selection of a particular Curriculum Track. Use of the theme wording is not necessary at all, but proposals should illustrate how the material and information presented reflect the theme.

1. Recognition & Advocacy for Community Colleges–Includes local, state and federal engagement; public policy; access policy; conflict of interest issues; civic engagement; fundraising and capacity building; marketing and public relations; planning and funding, tools and resources; fair use and copyright policy; environmental scanning; bond issues; community asset development; alumni programs; media relations; and legal issues.

2. Student Access, Learning & Success–Includes assessment; accountability; mission evolution; transformational change; technology in classroom and distance delivery; role of faculty; curriculum development; student learning; student development; student services; admissions; service learning; supportive community college relationships with business/industry; internships; recruitment and retention; experiential learning; learner-centered programs/policies; academic/career portfolios; community engagement; civic engagement; creative program delivery methods; programs for 50+ learners; learning environment; campus climate; emergency management; degrees and certificates; remedial programs; transfer and articulation; military and veterans programs; honor societies; athletics; social media; and greening of the campus/sustainability.

3. Community College Leadership Development–Includes institutional effectiveness; professional development; career ladders; mentoring and internship programs; ethics; recruitment and development of faculty, staff and administrators; organizational change; messaging and media management; creative professional development delivery methods; effective use of leadership competencies; succession planning; and retiring.

4. Diversity & Inclusion–Includes cultural, racial and gender equity; diversity initiatives; social responsibility; service learning; digital divide; K-16 partnerships; community-based programming and collaboration; volunteerism; community service; 50+ learners; civic engagement; conflict mediation; civility and tolerance; and affirmative action.

5. Global & Intercultural Education–Includes community awareness; global economy; global institutional partnerships; recruitment; policy and access; program/faculty/student exchanges; faculty development; internationalizing the curriculum; and English as a second language.

6. Economic & Workforce Development–Includes business/industry partnerships; skill standards; skills gap; under-skilled; re-skilling; 50+ learners; STEM; economic impact (ROI) studies; regional economies/industry sector strategies; apprenticeships and cooperative education; welfare initiatives; school-to-work; tech prep; job shadowing/internships; corporate colleges; licensure; international development; literacy; lifelong learning; one-stop career centers; advanced technology centers; manufacturing and bio-technology; credentialing; entrepreneurship; and career ladders.