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 Evaluation Criteria 

2009 Call For Convention Events

Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria will be used to evaluate proposals:

  • Are the session topic and goals appropriate to the target audience of community college administrators (chancellors, presidents, VPs, deans, etc.)?
  • Is the narrative description clear and informative? Does it really tell you what will occur in the session?
  • Does the session address critical or philosophical issues, present innovative or cutting-edge ideas, or present exemplary programs or best practices that can be adopted or adapted by others?
  • Are the panelists appropriate? Does the panel include the major players, e.g., community collaborators, other colleges or business/industry reps, if appropriate?
  • Can the program goals be met in a timely and interesting way through the proposed format?
  • Will A/V be used and/or will handouts be provided for the audience?
  • Does the timeline allow for the accomplishment of the stated goals of the presentation.
  • Are the presenters the ones most appropriate to conduct the session? Reviewers will use their titles and affiliations to determine this. For example, if a session is about a community-based project, one or more members of the community who work with the program probably should be included on the panel, if possible.
  • Diversity of panelists or cutting-edge ideas. Panels with a mix of multiple colleges, organizations, partners, or presenters are encouraged, as well as single colleges with a best-practice or cutting-edge program.
  • Use of audiovisuals and handouts to support the presentation is preferred, particularly for Forums.