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Resources on issues and topics of interest to community colleges:

Access and Inclusion - AACC's focal point for all issues relating to minority education in community colleges. Find information on issues and events, programs, related links, publications and more.

Copyright/Legal Issues and the Web - With technology becoming a larger force in education via distance education, there has been much concern about copyright issues and the Web. To help you sort through issues surrounding copyright and the Web, find key reports, presentations, and links to college copyright and intellectual property policies.

Distance Education Standards - A list of distance education resources.

Nursing - Associate degree nurses educated at community colleges play an essential role in meeting nurse staffing needs. Associate degree nurse graduates are the largest component of the pipeline of nursing professionals in the U.S. They account for 60 percent of all new registered nurses (RN). In 2000, 42,665 people received AD degrees. Find information on the nursing crisis and community colleges.

Rural Issues - A list of resources related to rural community college issues.

Service Learning - Service learning combines community service with classroom instruction, focusing on critical, reflective thinking as well as personal and civic responsibility. Service learning programs involve students in activities that address local needs while developing their academic skills and commitment to their community.  Find information related to service learning and your college.


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