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Success Story:  Colleen Ford

CFordThank you to everyone involved with the Technology Express Program.  I have recently acquired a job that I never could have had without the skills that I learned in the Technology Express Program.

I had been working at a job that was convenient when my children were growing up (working in a day care center) but did not have the potential for advancement nor was it financially beneficial as a future.  After leaving this job when the children had grown older, I was left in a job market that was very difficult, to say the least.  I realized that my skills were not what was needed in today’s job market and that as I would apply for employment, 40 or more persons with more skills than I would also be applying. 

I had some computer experience from working on my personal computer, but in no way could I compete with other prospective candidates in today’s job market. I was left trying to support three children, waitressing as often as I could.

I wanted to go to school to learn all I could in the computer field, but due to financial reasons, could not even consider it. The Tech Express class came along and I jumped at the opportunity.  This has proven to be the best decision and opportunity of my life.

I now have begun a job that pays higher than most beginning wages in the area. My employer also puts money aside in a retirement fund (which I was never able to put aside), my medical benefits are paid for, (for which I had been paying $350 per month), and bonuses and raises are commonplace.

Tech Express not only gave me the skills to do this job; it gave me a future. I found out that the computer knowledge I did have was very limited and what I gained was extensive knowledge that even many in the workplace do not possess. The people involved with the class gave me hope when there was none.  Unless you have been through this class with these instructors and other personnel involved with Tech Express you cannot understand how much it can change your life.  Their love, concern, friendship, and desire to see you succeed gives you a sense of self-worth that is astonishing. I have found that the skills that I have learned have now put me into the teaching category as others come to me asking questions.  It feels wonderful to be able to answer them and have the knowledge that others seek.  I have found that many people can use a computer, but without instruction or classes they are just getting by as I was.

Thank you again for the opportunity and thank you to everyone involved with the class.  I miss you all and hope to be able to take other classes in the future.  It had been a tough road supporting three children by myself for the past 15 years and now with the help of the class the road looks 100% better than it ever did.  There would have been no possible way that I would have been able to even apply for this job if I had not taken the class.  

Colleen Ford
AACC/SBC Tech Express Fall 2002
Northwestern Connecticut Community College

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