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 Campus HIV Prevention Strategies: Planning for Success 

Today, we know the leading causes of death can be mitigated by adopting healthy behaviors, yet we must go further. Improving the health of our nation depends not only on individuals making personal decisions about their health behaviors but also on building communities that value and support healthy choices.

Higher education can play an important role in changing the health care paradigm from responding to illness to preventing illness by promoting healthy behaviors and creating environments that support health. In the fall of 1999 there were 12.7 million undergraduate, 1.8 million graduate, and more than 300,000 professional students enrolled full or part time in colleges and universities in the United States. Building a campus environment that promotes and supports healthy behaviors can have a substantial impact on students and their life spans as well as on the overall health of the nation. This document provides higher education professionals with a framework for assessing and improving HIV prevention efforts on their campuses.


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