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International Education Week Resources
Suggested Activities for Community Colleges
Community College Achievements and Activities

 Suggested Activities for Community Colleges 

  1. Host an International Career Day by inviting speakers—alumni and/or local international leaders or experts from business and industry.
  2. Organize a symposium on campus or in your community on an "international" theme. Some ideas include:
    • International exchange and study abroad opportunities at your college
    • Reconnecting with your ancestors through study abroad
    • The importance of globalization in today's workforce
    • The importance of foreign language study (and opportunities at your college)
    • International education as a key to homeland security
    • The importance of internationalization  to local communities
    • The global classroom: internet exchange and distance learning
    • Intercultural communication: talking to each other
  3. Recruit local citizens with overseas experience (Fulbright students, scholars and teachers, former diplomats, Peace Corps volunteers, business leaders, or journalists) to discuss their international careers and the importance of international education and exchange. This can be as formal as a panel presentation or speech or as informal as a coffee hour or brown bag lunch.
  4. Produce and/or screen a video about the experiences of international students on your campus and/or students back from a semester or year abroad. Organize a screening of The Dialogue, a documentary about the adventures and cultural discoveries of four American students and four Chinese students as they travel together through Hong Kong and Southwest China.
  5. Organize a festival spotlighting a particular country or region. In addition to films, live performances, or art exhibits, interactive elements such as teaching students how to cook food of a particular country, learn a traditional dance, or the basics of a foreign language.
  6. Incorporate the National Geographic Interactive Map into your activities
  7. Link to the History of International Education Quiz.
  8. Use the Passport to the World Toolkit to sponsor a Passport Application Drive.
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