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 Fall 2004 Recruitment Trip to Europe 

October 6-19, 2004

"Community College Times article about the Fall 2004 International Recruitment Trip: “Recruitment Trip Facilitates International Marketing Strategies,” by Patricia Efseaff, Community College Times, January 18, 2005"

Locations Visited:
Sofia, Bulgaria
Warsaw, Poland
Stockholm, Sweden
Istanbul, Turkey

Participating Colleges On-Site:
Bellevue Community College
Brookhaven College
Bunker Hill Community College
Butte College
Clover Park Technical College
Community College of Southern Nevada
Delaware County Community College
Diablo Valley College
Georgia Perimeter College
Glendale Community College (AZ)
Laramie County Community College
Los Angeles City College
Mesa Community College
Monterey Peninsula College
North Seattle Community College
Northern Virginia Community College
Palomar College
Portland Community College
Riverside Community College
Scottsdale Community College
Sierra College
Skagit Valley College


What your colleagues are saying about the Spring 2004 AACC International Recruitment Trip:

“I appreciated the opportunity to meet prospective students and learn why they are interested in studying in the USA….I believe that the community college option is worth promoting in these countries for those students who might not otherwise have opportunities for higher education, even in their own countries.”
--- Thomas Anderson, Brookhaven College (TX)

"AACC provided a terrific means of bridging the gap between potential international students and interested community colleges. I learned so much from my colleagues.”
--- Stephanie Bethea, Skagit Valley College (WA)

“I like the fact that the AACC is offering trips to ‘experimental markets’ at least once a year in addition to the more proven, established trip to Asia.”
--- Ken Bus, Glendale College (AZ)

“Perhaps the most important single reason for AACC to continue trips of this nature lies in its promotion of the community college concept among European and Asian countries, who know little or nothing about the role that community colleges play in the educational arena for both the American and international community of students. Furthermore, these trips serve to educate, not only international student populations and their parents about community colleges, but also the trips serve as a reminder to many of our own U.S. citizens working abroad in positions of influence, who fail to recognize and call attention to students the role of community college when it comes to promoting potential educational institutional choices for international students when they seek student visas.”
--- Claude Caffee, Brookhaven College (TX)

“AACC’s Fall Recruitment trip to Europe was my first recruiting experience. I can say without reservation that I gained more knowledge about the various aspects of international education in those two and one half weeks that I have in quite a long time. The trip was extremely well planned with visits to Fulbright offices, embassies, and local high schools – both public and private. The fairs brought an opportunity to showcase the community college mission to prospective students and their parents. In addition, the participants on the trip were true professionals who I will continue to communicate with.”
--- Lydia J. Dell’Osa, Delaware County  Community College (PA)

“I like participating in AACC fairs because you are not competing with 4 year universities, educational/language institutes and colleges and universities from other countries. The events on the AACC tours were well though out and planned. I also appreciate the flexibility of the leaders to meet the needs of the representatives from participating colleges.”
--- Pat Efseaff, Sierra College (CA)

“This trip was a great experience in territory we had never explored before!”
--- Sarah Fleenor, Laramie County Community College (WY)

“The AACC international recruitment tours not only provide participants with an opportunity to market community colleges to prospective students and parents, but offer an in-depth view of each individual country’s educational system. Through meetings with Fulbright educational advisors, high school counselors and visa officers, community college representatives are able to gather valuable information imperative to successful recruitment.   Although other recruitment tours offer access to numerous prospective students, what clearly distinguishes the AACC tours from the others is the extensive detail provided to participants regarding the educational system of each country, as well as the opportunity to meet and network with educational and government advisors in each country.”
--- Rebecca Grant, Community College of Southern Nevada (NV)

“AACC offered a wonderful opportunity to explore emerging markets in international education as well as gaining added insight to the current state of global recruitment, home country education and economic developments. The firsthand updates on U.S. governmental policies affecting each country are an invaluable resource as we try to keep pace with the ever-changing issues that impact our international student recruitment and marketing strategies.”
--- Aleksandar Ilich, Diablo Valley College (CA)

“The AACC International Student Recruitment Trip to Europe was an excellent way to begin in earnest, our college’s recruitment efforts! The trip and the events were well organized and worthwhile, and the balance between scheduled activities and unstructured time was just right. I look forward to going again and feel it was worth our college’s investment.”
--- Peggy Jennings-Severe, Butte College (CA)

“The AACC recruiting trip can be looked upon as a professional development opportunity as much as an enrollment booster. The knowledge, understanding, contacts, and networking opportunities gained are at least as important as any students recruited. Any college personnel who work with international students on any level would benefit from participation in an AACC trip.”
--- Deborah Preston, Georgia Perimeter College (GA)

“AACC tours are great for promoting community and technical colleges around the world. I highly recommend it as a part of an overall marketing and international recruiting plan.”
--- Hewa Schwan, Clover Park Technical College (WA)

“The recruitment trip was a huge learning experience for me – both professionally and personally. I had the chance to promote community colleges to an audience that I didn’t realize weren’t aware of the benefits of studying at one and I had the chance to collaborate with fellow colleagues on recruitment practices as well as other procedures of an international education office.”
--- Jen Sydow, Scottsdale Community College (AZ)

“The high quality of organization provided by AACC and the attention to details, have contributed to the success of the tour. The contribution of these tours to bilateral and international relationships cannot be underestimated.”
--- Vilma Tafawa, Bunker Hill Community College (MA)

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