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U.N. Ambassador Power statement on the right of children in Africa to an education
IIP Digital / June 3, 2014

U.S. is the top destination for foreign direct investment for second consecutive year
IIP Digital / June 3, 2014

Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) changed its name to Colleges and Institutes Canada
CIC / June 2, 2014

The common language spoken at home in your state may surprise you
Edudemic / June 1, 2014

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) skills training grants strengthen Mongolia
IPP Digital / May 30, 2014

The future of international education under the new government in India
The Pie News / May 29, 2014

NCES report: U.S. consistently ranking lower in academics globally
NCES / May 28, 2014

2014 NMC Horizons identifies 6 technology trends with huge effect on education
ICEF Monitor / May 28, 2014

Political debate of new India HRD minister's credentials
DNA India / May 28, 2014

NAFSA study: international undergraduate students in U.S. dissatisfied with financial aid and job support
Inside Higher Ed / May 28, 2014

Caveats of train-the-trainer approach in international development
GPE Blog / May 27, 2014

President Obama welcomes newly elected government in India
IIP digital / May 26, 2014

European Commission reports the desire and need for skills training MOOCs
The Chronicle of Higher Education / May 22, 2014

Private education provider Apollo Global buys Milpark Education to expand in Africa / May 20, 2014

VA offers in-state to children of illegal immigrants
The Virginian-Pilot / May 17, 2014

TRESAL study finds Latin American students more mobile, prefer US and Canada
ICEF Monitor / May 15, 2014

ACE report: benefits and challenges of engagement in Argentina, Brazil and Chile
Times Higher Education / May 15, 2014

U.S. community colleges offer possible solution to educating India's youth
IIE Blog / May 14, 2014

New Zealand changes visa policy, begins marketing campaign for international students
ICEF Monitor / May 13, 2014

Australia education reforms includes government funding of TAFEs and privates
The Sydney Morning Herald / May 13, 2014

U.S.-Uruguay bilateral engagement focuses on educational exchanges
U.S. Dept. of State / May 13, 2014

More information and transparency sought from study abroad programs
Inside Higher Ed / May 12, 2014

Community colleges are the gateway to U.S. higher education
U.S. News / May 8, 2014

OBHE study finds substantial increase in international student use of agents
The Pie News / May 8, 2014

China skills training in Africa compliments its other activities there
University World News / May 2, 2014

Job marketability and best practice drive emphasis on study abroad advising
NAFSA Blog / May 8, 2014

AACC attends 100,000 Strong in the Americas White House meeting
Community College Daily / May 7, 2014

Elderly help hone Brazilian students’ English skills online
Adweek / May 7, 2014

Arizona can sue if in-state tuition granted to illegal immigrants
Community College Daily / May 6, 2014

Some fear cuts to Fulbright will jeopardize its core purpose
The Chronicle of Higher Education / May 5, 2014

DOE selects 5 sites for initiative to leverage skills of immigrants
Dept. of Education Blog / May 1, 2014

Mauritius higher education hub targets mobile students in Africa
University World News / April 26, 2014

Will Duolingo app compete with TOEFL, April 25, 2014

US study abroad decreases while UK numbers increase
University World News / April 24, 2014


Bringing the community college mission abroad
Community College Times / November 6, 2013
One of newest international partnerships that Valencia College has formed includes an agreement with an all-female university in Saudi Arabia to help it develop a community college.

Ramping up engagement to boost student success
Community College Times / October 17, 2013
Community colleges offer effective student engagement strategies, but too few students are taking advantage of them.

Diversity Aside, International Students Bring a Financial Incentive
The Chronicle of Higher Education / October 15, 2013
In a Chronicle survey of 436 colleges, those whose proportions of international students had grown were also more likely to have met enrollment and revenue goals.

New internationalisation proposal worries universities
University World News / September 28, 2013
With plans to increase higher education internationalization, the Danish Ministry of Education is considering the implementation of a new funding model that would provide government support for Danish students who study abroad, and not international students.

Internationalising the curriculum – Future challenges
University World News / September 28, 2013
The future for intenationalization of higher education holds many prospects and challenges. At the center of any future developments such as MOOCs, is what is best for students, who must graduate with the global competence required to operate effectively in global contexts as well as in our increasingly diverse and multicultural local communities.

Funding green light for higher education rejuvenation
University World News / September 27, 2013
India is set to launch an ambitious higher education plan that will pump money into state universities, link university performance to funding and set up new institutions, thus creating expanded access to higher education for the country’s growing number of school-leavers.

Higher Education in 2020
Inside Higher Ed / September 26, 2013
While the growth in student mobility is expected to decline in the near future, a new report predicts an increase in Transnational Education (TNE), which includes MOOCs, blended learning of both online and classroom teaching, and the unbundling of degree programs to allow students to choose courses from different institutions and receive credits toward degrees or certificates that will have the same status as university degrees for employers.

US universities 'seeking to recruit more British students'
The Telegraph / September 26, 2013
US institutions have doubled their marketing efforts to recuit British students, who are increasingly looking at overseas study options to avert rising tuition fees in the UK.

Giving Agents the OK
Inside Higher Ed / September 23, 2013
After a lengthy review and investigation into the issue by a special commission, The Assembly of the National Association for College Admission Counseling overwhelmingly voted to permit the use of commissioned agents in international student recruitment so long as measures are in place to ensure accountability, transparency and integrity.

Rwandan Degree Program Aims for a 'University in a Box'
The Chronicle of Higher Education / September 16, 2013
Southern New Hampshire University will offer competency-based associate degrees via MOOCs with in-person support.

Shift on Agents
Inside Higher Ed / June 13, 2013
A special NACAC commission studying the use of commission-based recruitment of international students urges the association to lift its ban on the practice and to implement a series of strict requirements for transparency, integrity and institutional accountability.

Interacting With International Peers in College May Confer Lasting Benefits
The Chronicle of Higher Education / June 7, 2013
A recent study in the Journal of International Students highlights the impacts international students have on their American classmates.

HHS releases blueprint to advance culturally and linguistically appropriate services in health and health care
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services / April 24, 2013
Health and Human Services (HHS) today released enhanced National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) in Health and Health Care – a blueprint to help organizations improve health care quality in serving our nation’s diverse communities.

An Old Ally Sends Droves of Students to U.S.
New York Times / April 8, 2013
Turkey is the only European nation to regularly be in the top 10 countries sending students to the United States. According to Open Doors, Turkey sent nearly 12,000 students to the U.S. in the 2011-2012 academic year. The website of the Fulbright Commission in Turkey states that students studying a variety of subjects from agriculture to tourism management can receive grants to attend U.S. community colleges.

Universities use Weibo social media to reach Chinese
University World News / January 13, 2013
Recent surveys of universities in the US, the UK and Australia have shown a rapid rise in the number of institutions using China’s most popular microblogging platform Sina Weibo to reach out to students in China and use social media as a tool for international recruitment.

Missed opportunities for university-business partnerships
University World News / January 13, 2013
Education experts in Mexico say universities are not doing enough to collaborate with the private sector and that there is much untapped potential in research and development, consulting and teacher training.

Wanted: Consumer guide to American higher education
University World News / January 13, 2013
Students and parents investigating study abroad in the United States need information that shows the value added of an institution and the quality of the experience offered – not the kind of data in the major international university rankings.


Miami Dade College Named a Top Producer of U.S. Fulbright Scholars Once Again
MDC Press Release / December 17, 2012
Miami Dade College (MDC) was once again honored by the Fulbright Program, the nation's flagship international educational exchange program, which recently compiled a list of colleges and universities across the country that helped Fulbright Scholars advance in 2012-13.

1,000 university leaders to receive training abroad
University World News / December 9, 2012
China is stepping up its overseas training programme for presidents and vice presidents of public universities as it looks to upgrade higher education to compete with world-class systems and top universities internationally.

China becomes chief 'knowledge partner'
University World News / December 9, 2012
Aligned with what Australian policy-makers are now calling the Asian Century, China has become Australia's chief partner in higher education cooperation, writes Joseph Xiaojun Zhang for Xinhua. The number of university agreements between the two countries has leapt almost 75% in less than 10 years, rising from 514 to 885.

Debate on potential for several higher education hubs
University World News / December 9, 2012
With Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia and, more recently, Sri Lanka and Bhutan aspiring to become global education hubs in Asia, India’s potential to host several hubs – and the challenges it would face in doing this – has become a point of recent debate.

Student visas may be cut from migration targets
Times Higher Education / December 9, 2012
Labour is edging towards supporting a removal of international students from the coalition's net migration targets, an opposition MP has said, in the week that new figures showed a dramatic fall in the number of student visas being issued, writes David Matthews for Times Higher Education.

Government unveils higher education plan
Budapest Business Journal / December 6, 2012
Hungary's government last week unveiled a wide-reaching plan to make higher education more accessible to more students while creating disincentives for dropping out.

U.S. House Passes Visa Bill for Foreign Graduates, Over Democrats' Objections
The Chronicle of Higher Education / November 30, 2012
The legislation would reallocate up to 55,000 green cards to foreign graduates of American universities with degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

U.S. Homeland Security Dept. Moves to Tighten Rules on Student Visas
The Chronicle of Higher Education / November 19, 2012
The changes could affect conditional admissions, a popular recruitment tool for American colleges that are trying to attract foreign students.

Foreign agents locked out
The Global Times / November 5, 2012
Foreign-owned agencies recruiting students in China could be banned from the country entirely if the proposed Ministry of Education regulations are approved.

Plan to outlaw foreign educational consultants
China Daily / November 2, 2012
Following an highly publicized scam in New Zealand, China's Ministry of Education proposed regulations could block international overseas educational consultancies from entering China.

Ministry mulls powers to ban student recruitment agents
University World News / November 1, 2012
Proposed regulations by China's Ministry of Education would greatly impact, and in some cases ban, international student recruitment agents.

New Group to Serve as Forum for Global Academic-Quality Issues
The Chronicle of Higher Education / September 13, 2012
The Council for Higher Education Accreditation, a U.S. organization, formed the group to address quality-assurance issues worldwide.

Tara D Sonenshine: Like to see more American students in India
Forbes India / August 8, 2012
According to U.S. Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Tara Sonenshine, the U.S. is planning to increase the number of American students in India to 15,000 in five years through the Passport to India initiative.

Corruption Is Ruining Cross-Border Education
The Moscow Times / August 1, 2012
A specter of corruption is haunting the global campaign toward higher education internationalization. Several host countries have tightened up rules and oversight of cross-border student flows in response to irregularities and corruption.

Online education market 'to grow to $40 billion by 2017'
Press Trust of India / July 29, 2012
India's online education market size is set to grow to U.S. $40 billion by 2017 from the present U.S. $20 billion.

Universities admit more poor students
Xinhuanet / July 29, 2012
A little more than a month after sitting the gaokao, China's college entrance exam, many students' dreams to be admitted to prestigious universities would have been crushed without the national preferential policy introduced by the Ministry of Education this year.

Unscrupulous agents get Chinese students into US
Time / July 29, 2012
Because many Chinese students have trouble making sense of the American admissions process, a huge industry of education agents has arisen in China to help guide them – and, in some cases, to do whatever it takes to get them accepted.

No Shortcut: Evaluation of foreign students' credentials may be getting short shrift
Inside Higher Ed / July 26, 2012
For a case study of what can go wrong in international student admissions and enrollment, look no further than North Dakota’s Dickinson State University.

U.S. Senators plan bill to tighten student visa system
Inside Higher Ed / July 25, 2012
Spurred in part by a critical audit of the American system of monitoring student visas, a group of U.S. senators said Tuesday that they would introduce legislation aimed at tightening controls on institutions that enroll foreign students.

Community colleges as economic engines
U.S. Department of Commerce / July 24, 2012
Guest blog by President Terry Calaway, Johnson County Community College.

Greater access, more equal higher education in U.S. are key
University World News / July 8, 2012
The United States is at risk of losing its competitive advantage in the global marketplace unless it ensures greater and more equal access to higher education, according to a survey released by the OECD.

More university places, better quality needed in Middle East – Report
University World News / July 8, 2012
The six Gulf Cooperation Council states of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates must urgently develop and implement higher education policies aimed at expanding student enrolments and strengthening quality, a new report says.

University administrators join Ghana's nationwide strike
University World News / July 8, 2012
University administrators in Ghana have joined the latest wave of nationwide strike action that has swept the country over the past few months. Students have reacted with anger, saying that admission to universities and academic work is being affected.

Higher education chief lauds bundling of programmes
University World News / July 8, 2012
Proposals to bundle all European education and training support programmes into one huge, interconnected programme for 2014-20 are entering a decisive stage, as European ministers have accepted the majority of the European Commission's outline and the European parliament is set to discuss further details.

English use in teaching spreads in universities worldwide
University World News / July 8, 2012
The Politecnico di Milano, one of Italy's most prestigious universities, will teach and assess most of its degree and all of its postgraduate courses entirely in English from 2014. While the move proved controversial in Italy, it is far from unusual – universities worldwide have been switching wholly or partly to teaching in English for a number of reasons.

The challenge of internationalisation in Hong Kong
University World News / July 8, 2012
Hong Kong and its universities need to internationalise more. But to do so they have to consider what they can offer the rest of the world. International students will not study in Hong Kong just because universities operate in English.

Quebec adopts controversial student finance policies
The Canadian Press / July 8, 2012
The Quebec government has quietly adopted several controversial measures it says will broaden access to higher education in the Canadian province. Student groups, however, contend that the measures will have the opposite effect and will actually increase student debt loads, writes Jonathan Montpetit for The Canadian Press.

Grand fee paid for each foreign student in U.K.
Times Higher Education / July 8, 2012
British universities recruited more than 50,000 international students through commission payments to overseas agents last year, spending close to £60 million (U.S. $93 million) on the practice in 2010-11, a Times Higher Education investigation has found, writes David Matthews.

Nation's universities attract fewer applicants
VietNamNet Bridge / July 8, 2012
According to statistics from Vietnam's Ministry of Education and Training, the number of candidates who sat for university entrance examinations this year has decreased by 27.2% from last year, down to 662,096 candidates from more than 900,000, reports VietNamNet Bridge.

Distance learning degrees are on the increase
The Guardian / July 8, 2012
U.K. employers and universities have been putting their heads together. Recently the Higher Education Academy reported on the outcomes of eight flexible learning pathfinder projects, which found that employers favoured distance learning as a way of delivering career-related study, writes Stephen Hoare for the Guardian.

Election pledge in S. Korea– 'Abolish top university'
University World News / July 4, 2012
In an astonishing attack on higher education elitism, South Korea's main opposition party has said it could dismantle the country's most prestigious university – Seoul National University – if it comes to power in upcoming presidential elections.

Growth in foreign degrees – but are they worth it?
University World News / May 27, 2012
Overseas universities queuing to set up affiliated degree programmes, joint degrees and foreign branch campuses in Asia need to do their sums carefully and understand the job market in those countries, or they will fail.

Texas college helps expand educational options in Qatar
New York Times / May 26, 2012
On May 15, less than two years after Houston Community College helped the Qatar government start the Community College of Qatar, 11 students became the country's inaugural community college graduates.

Foreign degree: Will it get you a job in India?
DNA / May 21, 2012
New research by the Parthenon group issues a warning to foreign institutions wishing to partner with institutions in India.

Dispatches from Japan: Thinking beyond international student mobility
Guardian Professional / April 23, 2012
Japan's attempts to internationalize its campuses in recent years led to several student mobility initiatives. However, some argue that Japan has yet to experience substantive internationalization, especially in terms of curriculum reform.

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