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 Faces of the Future 

Please Note: this information is provided for archival purposes only. Links and contact information may be out-of-date.

2007 marked the ninth year of the AACC-ACT Faces of the Future survey. More than 300 community colleges have used the instrument to obtain feedback from their students and to compare their performance against national data. Participation in Faces of the Future provides community colleges benefits they won't receive from other surveys:

  • Faces of the Future offers community colleges a cost effective way to collect national normative comparison data.
  • The Faces of the Future survey includes non-credit students, an important group at community colleges that are often overlooked in institutional research.

The Faces of the Future survey creates a unique and detailed picture of the community college population. Participating colleges receive a customized and comprehensive research package including summary and graphics reports for their credit and noncredit students. Read more about the Faces of the Future survey. View the survey instrument.

 Did You Know?

The Faces of the Future survey has revealed the following about community college students:

Higher percentages of students in racial/ethnic minorities, with the exception of Hispanic/Latino, are enrolling in community colleges. Significantly, more of those students cite learning the English language and culture as a major reason for attending college.

75% of non-credit students reported having a steady, secure job was very important to them. An increasing number also reported that making a lot of money was important to them.

Significantly higher number of both credit and non-credit students have web and e-mail access in their homes, at their jobs, and at the college.



 Survey Questions Cover:

Educational and career intentions
Reasons for attending a community college and possible barriers to enrollment and/or continuing studies
Satisfaction with school's programs, services, and environmental characteristics
Relationship between key life changes and the way students attend community colleges
Key demographic characteristics

 Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Kent Phillippe
Senior Research Associate
Ph: 202.728.0200 x222

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