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 Minority Male Student Success Programs at Community Colleges 

Submission Guidelines:

Welcome to the AACC Minority Male Student Success Database. You are invited to submit a description about a program whose objective is to improve the success of minority male students at your community college. If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Christian at

Please note that AACC reserves the right to edit any entry for typographical or other errors, or for database style consistency, at any time without liability. Acceptance of a college profile does not imply AACC’s endorsement of a particular program. AACC does not review the accuracy of the program descriptions.

Programs aimed at providing specific benefits or services to protected classes, including but not limited to gender and ethnicity, are subject to a complex set of federal and state laws and regulations. While AACC expects its member institutions to operate in accordance with applicable law, AACC does not attempt to analyze the legality of the design, administration or other aspects of any of the programs listed in the database.


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