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Forsyth Technical Community College - James A. Rousseau Minority Male Mentoring Program 


Greg Young 

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Minority Male Mentoring Program Coordinator 


Forsyth Technical Community College 


2100 Silas Creek Parkway 

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Program Description

The mission of the James A. Rousseau Minority Male Mentoring Program (MMMP) is to provide appropriate support services and other incentives to improve the retention and graduation rates of minority males at Forsyth Tech.  The program also seeks to provide practical knowledge of budgeting, investing, savings and other life management skills. The program objectives are: To provide an open forum for minority males to discuss issues and concerns with professionals/mentors: To promote goal-setting and positive choices in decision-making; To improve the retention and graduation rates of minority males at Forsyth Tech; To enhance communication skills, self-discipline, motivation, and self-concept; To develop job-seeking skills and promote work force preparedness; and to provide practical knowledge of budgeting, investments, savings, and financial planning.

Program Services

Service/Community Learning Opportunities; Leadership and Professional Development; Literary/Book Club; University Tours 

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Program Initiated

James A, Rousseau, then Vice President of Development at Forsyth Tech, recognized that as the college continued to support the success of its students, the minority male population needed additional assistance in multiple non-traditional areas.  As a result of having concerns for retention, academic achievement, student transfer and graduation, the minority male mentoring program was established in 1997.  The program was endowed the James A. Rousseau Minority Male Mentoring Program in 2000. A grant to Forsyth Technical Community College, by the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust of Winston-Salem, was awarded as a result of his outstanding service to the trust and the people of Forsyth County.

Program Funded

The initial funding to support the program was absorbed by the college beginning in 1997 and additional funding was received in 2000 from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust. The program began receiving funding from the North Carolina Community College System through the Governor’s Crime Commission in July 2008.

College President and Administrators Involvement

The leadership team here at Forsyth Tech has always been forward thinking; in that, they recognized the need for a program designed to support minority males prior to the creation of our state wide initiative.  The current president of Forsyth Tech, Dr. Gary Green, and his executive staff were instrumental in expanding the minority mentoring program by hiring a full-time program coordinator and administrative assistant. The additional funding required to support this expansion is being absorbed by the college.  

Program Success Story

When I think of testimonials or student success there are several students that come to mind but one in particular. He is a young man who unfortunately registered for classes on the final day and was blocked out of all of his major classes. He was frustrated and had decided to sit the semester out. He visited my office several times to discuss possible solutions; upon our recommendation, he decided to enroll in several classes that would transfer to the university system. He now plans to pursue his bachelor’s degree, after completing his associates, at one of our local universities. We are pleased that we could offer assistance to this student at a very pivotal time frame during his educational attainment.
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