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Manchester Community College - Brother-2-Brother Program 


Abdul-Rahmaan Ibn Muhammad 

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Coordinator, Minority Student Programs 


Manchester Community College  


Great Path, M.S. #7 

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P.O. Box 1046 











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Program Description

The Brother-2-Bother Program is designed to connect African-American and Latino males enrolled at Manchester Community College with the resources they need to be successful in college and life.  The program components are:
1. Mentoring
2. Academic Support and Recognition
3. Community Engagement and Service
4. Brother-2-Brother Scholars
5. Brother-2-Brother Ambassadors
6.  Brother-2-Brother Summer Boot Camp  

Program Services

Mentoring; College Survival Skills; Leadership and Professional Development 

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Program Initiated

The Brother-2-Brother program is the outgrowth of a research study conducted by Dr. G. Duncan Harris on the factors linked to the academic success of African-American males enrolled at Manchester Community College in 2006.  His research study concluded that African American males enrolled at the college that 1) had a strong academic advocate/mentor in their life, 2) were engaged in the college and community activities, 3) had established short and long term career and personal goals, were more likely to be successful and have higher GPAs.  A review of literature illustrated that Latino males with these attributes also faired better in college.  with this research at the foundation, MCC made an institutional commitment to implement targeted programming and intervention strategies aimed at improving the academic success of African American and latino males enrolled at the college.

Program Funded

Brother-2Brother is funded through Manchester Community colleg, the ConCast Grant and the KnowhowtogoConnecticut Grant sponsored by the The CT African-American Affairs Commision/ Lumina Foundation.

College President and Administrators Involvement

The college President, Dr. Gena Glickman provides great support to the advancement, retention and graduation of students of color.  Also, Dr. G. Duncan Harris (Dean of Students) is the founder and co-coordiator of the program currently. 

Program Success Story

Prior to getting involved with the Brother-2-Brother Program, Ashmeer J. was not focused on his studies and spent most of his time hanging out in the cafeteria area.  Ashmeer's first semester of college had him second guessing his decision to go to college and wether it was the right place for him.  Through Brother-2-Brother, he has been able to learn from some of his peers and receive the support of a mentor and academic coach.  His time is spent between the tutoring lab, library, with his mentor and weekly Brother-2-Brother Check-ins.  This semester, he is off to the right start.
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