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Dallas County Community Community College District/African American Male Initiative 



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Program Coordinator/African American Male Initiative  


Cedar Valley College 


3030 North Dallas Avenue 

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The DCCCD African American Male Initiative strives to impact at risk college youth and encourages them not only to complete college, but to excel there.

The program goals include:
Mentors for students
Special programs with exemplary role models.
Entrepreneurial Learning Community
Personal and Career Counseling

Program Services

Cohort Study Sessions; Service/Community Learning Opportunities; Leadership and Professional Development 

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Program Initiated

African American male students are over-represented in developmental education and perform less well than all other students across all developmental areas.  Persistence of African American students is also lower than other ethnic groups across the Dallas County Community College District.  In order to increase the access and success of African American male students within the Dallas County Community College District, Cedar Valley College involved six other colleges (El Centro, Mountain View, North Lake, Richland, Brookhaven and Eastfield) in the development of an African American Male Student Success Program that replicates a national model adopted by the AACC African American Presidents’ Roundtable.  The national President’s Roundtable model is organized by accreditation region. 

Program Funded

DCCCD Office of Retention awarded $100,000 in April, 2009 to support a Grant Program Coordinator for four semesters (summer, 2009 through summer, 2010), funds for speakers, materials, conferences and tutors for the seven colleges.  Given this project was to be replicated across seven campuses, the participating colleges also requested additional funds from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board as an external collaborative partner to provide books and materials for participating students, tutors and mentors and part-time wages for coordinators at the campus.  The THECB granted $70,000 in September, 2009.  The current awards continue through August 2010.  Funding for the district award and the THECB was allocated equally among all seven campuses, resulting in a total current funding of approximately $24,286 per campus.

College President and Administrators Involvement

This program is structured so that in the SACS Region, DCCCD is a leader in this effort.  Cedar Valley College president and vice president of enrollment management and student services initiative the proposals that resulted in both grants.

Program Success Story

Vernon Washington knew he wanted to go to college, but he wasn’t sure how to get there. The African American Male Initiative gave him the motivation to graduate from community college and go on to earn a four-year degree from one of the top universities in Texas.

“I had very good analytical skills, but my test-taking skills were never very good. I thought I could get into community college. But, once you get in you’re going to have to be able to swim for yourself.

“My mentor, Jonas Young, really kept a handle on me. That relationship began to form and, slowly, I got involved with the African American Male Initiative. A lot of African Americans on campus were taking interest in African American males and in moving them forward.

“The African American Male Initiative is pretty much like getting a personal trainer for your academics and also getting a social lesson. You have to come into college with a certain amount of tools to be responsible. A problem with a lot of people in my generation is that we don’t have a concept of respect — of being involved in the long haul.

“The African American Male Initiative gave me a core group of people to look to. It’s so good to have that positive male role model that looks like you, because most of them are rappers or athletes or something else. We need role models who are better than that.

“The African American Male Initiative had a very, very big impact on getting into a four-year university. Jonas was the one who really gave me that push to transfer to a good college after Cedar Valley.”

Vernon Bernard Washington II graduated from Cedar Valley College with two associate degrees — an associate in sciences and an associate in sciences with a field of study in business — in Spring 2007. He transferred to Southern Methodist University and graduated in Spring 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in financial consulting with a minor in economics. He plans to join the Navy Supply Corps in spring 2010.
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