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The Tacoma Community College Center for Multi-Ethnic and Cultural Affairs and the College Success Foundation 


Valerie Robertson  

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Dean of Student Development 


Tacoma Community College 


6501 So. 19th St., #11 

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Program Description

At the beginning of fall term 2009, The Tacoma Community College Center for Multi-Ethnic and Cultural Affairs and the College Success Foundation partnered to pilot a workshop for male students of diverse cultures on the topic of self efficacy. The PX2 workshop conducted by The Pacific Institute is designed to increase awareness among male students of color of the barriers, whether physical or mental, that impact or influence their persistence in higher education.  The workshop and program consisted of three days of focused group discussion, self reflection, community and network building, and re-visioning exercises. The program concluded with a trip to a Rope’s Course which was sponsored by the YMCA.

Program Services

Mentoring; Leadership and Professional Development; Support and community building 

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Program Initiated

The project was initiated as a conversation and brain storming session as to how we could impact the persistence and success of male students of color. We were fortunate to have a community partner, The College Success Foundation, who was also interested in the same topic and had funding to collaborate with us on such a project. We also collaborated on earlier projects with male students of color and had promising results so this project could be considered a continuation to that work.

Program Funded

The program was funded collaboratively by the College Success Foundaiton and Tacoma Community College.

College President and Administrators Involvement

The college president provides leadership and vision for enhancing support and community building activities for male students of color.

Program Success Story

The Center for Multi-Ethnic and Cultural Affairs: Men’s Group

In an effort to support the networking and relationships that were established as a result of the PX2 training, the staff in the Center for Multi-Ethnic and Cultural Affairs formed a men’s support group on campus. The group began meeting the week following the PX2 workshop and continue to meet on weekly basis. They have bonded in a community of support for one another and are lead by a male faculty member of color. This winter the group was able to achieve sanctioned club status and continues to meet on a weekly basis with the faculty member as the club adviser.
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