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San Jacinto College District - Men of Honor 


Ronald Hopkins  

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Coordinator, Testing Center  


San Jacinto College District  


5800 Uvalde Road  

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ext. 7505 



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Program Description

The Men of Honor is designed to support the success of African American males attending the San Jacinto College District.

To support the San Jacinto College District’s vision, values, mission, and Achieving the Dream initiatives. The Men of Honor will provide avenues for participants to connect with San Jacinto College District administrators, faculty, staff, and resources.

The overall purpose of the Men of Honor is to improve African American males’ retention, persistence, graduation, and transfer rates at the San Jacinto College District.

Core Values

1). San Jacinto College District
Men of Honor (MOH) Program Proposal
Introduction: The Men of Honor (MOH) Program will recruit, enroll, retain, and support certificate completion, graduation and/or transfer rates to four-year institutions for African American (AA) males enrolled in the San Jacinto College District (SJCD).

MOH will consist of:
1. Recruitment
2. Service Learning Community – Transition to College Success Class
3. Mentoring
4. Peer Coaching
5. Connections (Facebook, Twitter, E-Newsletter, Retreat, Conferences, MOH Squad, Club Advising)

Recruitment: MOH committee will actively recruit potential African American male students from high schools within the SJCD service region and will assist students in completing a SJCD application and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Service Learning Community: The MOH learning community consists of a specially designed Human Development course. The course provides an overview of key aspects, knowledge and skills needed to succeed in college. It will also incorporate issues and concerns especially pressing for contemporary African American men. An African American speaker series will be included in the class, which will offer the students an opportunity to interact and network with successful African American professionals from the community.

Counseling and Advising: Each MOH member will be assigned to a mentor who will assist students in developing their educational plan, as well as assisting them explore their career aspirations.

Peer Coaches: MOH members who successfully complete a full term semester with a grade point average of 2.50 or higher will be invited to serve as Peer Coaches in the subsequent semester.

Connections: MOH staff will develop a bi-monthly electronic newsletter on program happenings and the accomplishments of individual Men of Honor. It will provide networking and outreach information to the MOH members, currently enrolled African American males attending SJCD, and community members at large. To facilitate further connectedness and engagement, MOH committee will create a Facebook site for student interaction and peer support. Students will be introduced to the site during their first semester and will be encouraged to invite other African American male students to utilize the system to communicate, engage, and support each other throughout their academic careers.

MOH Students will be offered an opportunity to meet and connect with other student leaders. Each student will be invited to attend the MOH Spring Retreat, the fall African American Male Conference hosted by Texas State, and the annual spring Leadership Conference at SJCD.

MOH will create the MOH Squad as a student club, organized by students with the guidance of a club advisor. The club, in addition to providing peer-networking opportunities for students, will also encourage club members to develop ownership of their organization and ultimately of their academic careers.

The Office of Student Life will assist the MOH Squad in becoming a recognized club, which will allow the members to request Student Service Fee funding for various activities.
MOH will potentially provide services to approximately 900 currently enrolled African American male students at SJCD.

The program will also recruit by contacting a minimum of 100 new African American males; enrolling 20 students per semester, 40 in a one-year period. MOH will retain, graduate, and/or transfer 50% of the 40 program participants.

Program Services

Service/Community Learning Opportunities; Leadership and Professional Development; Literary/Book Club 

Program Start Month


Program Start Year


Current Number of Students


Program Initiated

The Men of Honor was was designed to assist in the retention of African-American males at San jacinto Community College District in June 2009. Our district historically had an attrition rate beyong 70% with this chort.

Four adminidtrative staff members (African-American males)approached the district administration with a proposal to correct the high attrition and retain more African-American students.

Currently the program has an annual budget of $20,000 to support the objectives of the program.

Program Funded

The program is funded through our district foundation and outside grants.

College President and Administrators Involvement

Our Chancellor, campus presidents and administrators are very supportive. They attend program activities and our board of regents is updated.

The program is administered by a committee of four African-American male administrators and the mentors are also employed staff and faculty. We have both males and females mentors.

Program Success Story

Prior to the program we were loosing 92 of every 100 African-American males enrolled each semester. In the Fall 2009 71 African-American males joined the program. Seventy of the seventy-one are enrolled for Spring semester 2010. We believe mentoring played a significant role in the retention of these young men in the first semester of the program.
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