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Alamo Community College District - HOME [Help Own Male Education] 


Archie Wortham  

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Associate Professor of Speech 


Alamo Community College District 


Northeast Lakeview College 

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1201 Kitty Hawk Drive 


Universal City 









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Program Description

Program designed to process assistance and encouragement to men of color concerning going to school and getting ready to become productive members of society.  It will be a student run organization with several men of color [faculty and staff] assisting them.

Program Services

Cohort Study Sessions; Service/Community Learning Opportunities; Leadership and Professional Development 

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Program Initiated

The program will have its organizational meeting the 1st of December, and it was an outgrowth of a "males-only" class I taught that was not perceived as politically correct as it related to Title IX.

Program Funded

Since it will be a student organization, it will be principally funded with student activities' fees, but we will be looking for grants [state, federal,local and private] to provided additonal funding for the college, specifically for scholarship and support.

College President and Administrators Involvement

He's been receptive from the beginning as I have attempted to resurrect my 'male-focused' class.  The Vice-President of Student Success has been the 'lioness' for the program, wanting something to fill this important need to focus on the education of minority males.

Program Success Story

Lakeview Community College. “What do you mean?” I asked politely, an instance before Dr. Wortham demonstrated the Trust Fall. I caught my new professor in my arms, and he popped back up and laughed. He hesitated to ask who would be next to mimic my performance by stating, “Wow! Who’s next?” Every student had to participate in The Trust Fall, and I was the first one to catch Dr. Wortham! I had just become a better communicator with my new speech professor, where I had the urge to get in front of the class and give an icebreaking speech! Every class from then on would be something to look forward to, and driving to Northeast Lakeview Community College from Seguin was a cool trip. I had to pick an individual, who I would keep in touch with in case he was not able to make it to class. If he was absent, I needed to let my professor know ahead of time, and I always accomplished this goal. Dr. Wortham did not want one male sole to drop out of his class because of the high rate of drop-outs from the previous semester. “Last semester,” Dr. Wortham reminisced, “I had five students drop out of my class.” Out of 18 students, only one man dropped, and it was because he was suffering from a severe illness. After succeeding in the Trust Fall, I became optimistic and saw I had very positive potential in enjoying this male speech class. My buddy was very dependable and only missed one class. There were eight professional people who spoke at our class, and we were expected to dress up. My teacher made certain every student learned how to tie a Double Windsor in the ties he provided us. This was definitely a great practice for me, and I made sure not to tie a Single Windsor. Although I was one of the only students who already knew how to tie, my peers mastered this technique quickly. It was not long before every student came prepared and had their own ties with a fancy outfit when a speaker arrived to deliver an impromptu speech. Tying ties, shaking hands the proper way, and using the buddy system all relates to the Trust Fall. Dr. Wortham’s belief that he would not suffer from a head injury without my assistance in the magnificent Fall of Trust was analogous to his hopes for my success. My performance in both the informative and collage speeches assigned to me was outstanding, and I avoided using two words: “umm…” and “like…” This all-male speech class was more than just attending a debate to discuss male issues; it was about the expectation that a human will survive with the help of others. Archie Wortham’s instruction of companionship with the Trust Fall example was a great learning experience, and I have become a better networker in other classes.
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