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Durham Technical and Community College - "Visions" Minority Male Leadership Initiative 



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Dean/Department Head - Advising, Counseling & Student Dev.  


Durham Technical and Community College 


1637 Lawson Street 

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Men, most notably African-American men, rarely seek assistance when faced with the challenges of succeeding in college.  This dynamic has been evident in student services initiatives for years.  The majority of participants are normally women.  To complicate this problem, our college’s minority men have persisted at a rate ten percent lower than other ethnic groups and have graduated at a rate one third of their student counterparts.

The purpose of Visions, Durham Tech’s minority male leadership initiative, is to provide opportunities for men who do not have the academic skills to be successful in college, the monetary resources to be financially stable, the presence of a positive role model to help develop leadership potential, and an encouraging and positive social network to promote success. 

Durham Tech, like many community colleges, has piloted several student support programs in addition to the traditional services we provide.  These programs have had limited success primarily due to the difficulty in attracting at-risk, first generation, or first-time enrolled students to take advantage of programs that are not required for an academic course of study.

Despite this dynamic, Visions has succeeded.  The initiative provides a multi-faceted student engagement model that encourages the participation of minority men.  Visions attracts men by providing intrusive academic advising in a weekly group discussion format, fostering the artistic development of talented students through a jazz ensemble, offering financial support through scholarships and job placement services, tutoring kids at a local elementary school, and expanding academic opportunities by visiting local universities.

Program Services

Mentoring; Tutoring; Counseling; Career Planning; Academic Advising; College Survival Skills; Cohort Study Sessions; Service/Community Learning Opportunities; Leadership and Professional Development; Literary/Book Club 

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Durham Tech was one of six North Carolina Community Colleges who received funds from the Governor's Crime Commission for two years to increase the number of minority males graduating from community colleges.

Program Funded

The Durham Tech Foundation

College President and Administrators Involvement

The president regularly attends meetings with the members of Visions on campus, at the public school system, and the annual statewide conference.  The administration also encourages and financially supports travel to statewide and national conferences.

Program Success Story

"Visions created an atmosphere that, prior to the very moment that I stepped on to Durham Tech's campus, I had yet to know.  The Minority Leadership Initiative guided me along the right path; it helped me to succeed not only academically, but socially as well.

I walked away from the hollowed halls of Durham Tech a successful graduate who has obtained an Associates Degree of Arts and moreover a triumphant individual who knew where he was going.  For the first time in my life I personally possessed the will and determination to accomplish anything, achieve any goal, I had promise...and better than that, the will and determination to succeed.  Visions gave me that and i will forever be thankful."

A Vision's Program Student
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