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Mitchell Community College  - Minority Male Mentoring Initiative (3MI) 


Randall Willie 

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Co-Advisor, Minority Male Mentoring Initiative 


Mitchell Community College  


500 West Broad St 

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Program Description

The purpose of this program is to assist in providing activities that will promote the development of personal and academic skills in minority males and to increase graduation rates by providing students with college survival skills, training, and drug and substance prevention education.

The goals of this group are:
  *To implement a special program to prevent drug and substance abuse among minority males.
  *To identify and screen the academic records of at-risk minority males (grade point average below 2.0, first generation college students, and/or history of drug and substance abuse that is substantiated by a treatment facility).
  *To promote personal academic success as it relates to healthy college living and abstinence from drug and substance abuse.
  *To promote growth and development and provide academic support and encouragement.
  *To promote student satisfaction and promote graduation and retention rates of minority males.
  *To work with local and state community based organizations that will assist with training.

Program Services

Mentoring; Counseling; Career Planning; Academic Advising; College Survival Skills; Service/Community Learning Opportunities; Leadership and Professional Development 

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Program Initiated

The program was initiated in August 2003 through a grant proposal written by President Douglas Eason and former Vice-President of Instruction Dr. Ralph Soney from the North Carolina Governor's Crime Commission.

Six Community Colleges were awarded grants through the Commission with each college receiving $25,000 and the participating institution matching with $8,333.

Program Funded

Currently, the 3MI program is funded annually through the Office of the President.

The initial phase was funded through a grant from the North Carolina Governor's Crime Commission with grants awarded to six community colleges.

College President and Administrators Involvement

The President (Dr. Douglas Eason) is committed to having the Minority Male Mentoring program on campus regardless of funding.  His position is that minority males definitely need any type of intervention possible to enhance retention on the college level and that the 3MI program is a superb initiative.

The program has been successful in obtaining additional funding from other sources, such as internal and external grants.

Program Success Story

One testimonial would not justify the far reaching of the success 3MI program at Mitchell Community College. The college president, an academic dean and our program directors  have been recognized at the state and local level. . There have been several students who completed the program that have gone on to make outstanding contributions as entrepreneurs, senior institution college graduates, members of the clergy, community activist, and a TV spokespersons to name a few.
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