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Wilson Community College  - Male Mentoring Improvement Coalition 


Derrick D. Creech 

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Recruiter/Student Activity Officer 


Wilson Community College  


902 Herring Avenue 

Address 2

P.O. Box 4305 











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Program Description

The purpose of the Male Mentoring Improvement Coalition is to serve as a student support group to provide activities and resources to enhance the academic and personal success of males at Wilson Community College. This program is open to any male that is willing to step forward and change the way males are being stereotyped in the community. Emphasis is placed on African American and Hispanic males.  Our goals are to encourage and promote academic success as it relates to setting realistic career goals and effectively utilizing academic resources and support services to achieve desired results. We  promote personal growth and development though self-analysis and intervention. While at the same time we collaborate with local and state community-based organizations willing to serve as a resource for training, mentoring, enhancing professional skills, and or broad based networking.

Program Services

Mentoring; Tutoring; Counseling; Career Planning; Academic Advising; College Survival Skills; Cohort Study Sessions; Service/Community Learning Opportunities; Leadership and Professional Development; Literary/Book Club 

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Program Start Year


Current Number of Students

Program Initiated

The program was initiated January 18, 2007 in the Del Maestro auditorium of Wilson Community College at 11:00 a.m. Janice Fields, director of Wayne Community College’s 3M Program, did a presentation that showed the benefits of the program and how it could be implemented at Wilson Community College. Ms. Fields brought four members from her program who told their success stories and answered questions that our new members may have had. An orientation was held on that same day and we started our membership with eight students.

Program Funded

The program's main funding came from state funds. Other donations came from local churches, and from the office of the president.  We currently did not receive funding this year (2009) due to the state's fiscal constraints. We hope to find other means of funding this program.

College President and Administrators Involvement

Our president supports our program in any way possible.  The President's Marketing Fund provides refreshments for meetings or activities. The president attends as many activities as his schedule allows.

Program Success Story

The college had a student who turned from being self-conscious and shy to becoming an outstanding student leader. This student has worked with the program since Spring of 2008. The student has grown form being unsure of who he was and where he was headed to one of the most outstanding leaders on campus and in the community. This young man will graduate in May of 2010 and has a cumulative GPA of 3.8 in  the College Transfer program.  The student plans on continuing his education at North Carolina State University to study economics and political science. He was nominated for the Governor Robert Scott Award for being an outstanding SGA student. The MMIC has influenced his leadership and team working abilities and gave him confidence to succeed.
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