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North Lake College - AIMM - Academically Influencing Minority Males 


Arthur James 

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Executive Dean 


North Lake College  


5001 N. MacArthur Blvd. 

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Program Description

North Lake College is Academically Influencing Minority Males (AIMM) through its minority male initiative or AIMM program. The mission of AIMM is to develop, equip, and empower minority males to realize their potential and recognize their self-worth and value to society.  The vision of AIMM is to increase success rates, completion rates, and enrollments of minority males in both developmental and college level courses. AIMM assist minority males in achieving their academic goals by offering courses taught by minority male instructors in a setting with minority male students who are able to relate to faculty and one other.  The faculty act as mentors to students, and are available for outside of class interactions as well.  A form of intrusive advising is practiced as part of the AIMM initiative as well as the development of a co-curricular student club called Brother 2 Brother.  Brother to Brother seeks to improve the educational experience and promote successful college completion among African American and Hispanic male students.  The B2B club benefits students by providing leadership development, career exploration, academic assistance, opportunities for campus involvement, and networking and support opportunities.  Although the target for Brother to Brother is African American and Hispanic Males activities and meetings are open to all males at the college.

Program Services

Mentoring; College Survival Skills; Leadership and Professional Development 

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Program Initiated

The concept for a pilot AIMM course was initiated in the fall of 2012 after President Christa Slejko shared the college's Key performance indicators during a president's access forum.  During the forum the data clearly showed that the issue regarding the success of our minority males needed to be addressed.  As a result the first pilot AIMM course was offered and has been increased each semester since.   

Program Funded

Prior to AIMM North Lake College utilized the AALMI program that was funded through the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) Retention Award to address the needs of its minority males.  AALMI was also supported by a Texas Higher Education Coordination Board grant.  Both the aforementioned awards carried AALMI from July 2009 through December 2010.  Since that time and with the inception of AIMM the initiative has been entirely funded by the college.

College President and Administrators Involvement

President Christa Slejko was the champion of the AIMM initiative and has worked closely with the minority male initiative steering team to ensure that the initiative has direction and growth.  The Vice President of instruction Dr. Martha Hughes, and the Vice President for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Ms.Candace Castillo have also been involved in the initiative. Executive Dean Arthur James has been given oversight of the initiative as a direct report to President Slejko.  Each of the academic deans at North Lake College have been instrumental in working with Dean James and President Slejko in ensuring that supportive faculty and courses are available for the initiative.  Last but not least colleges VP of Student Affairs, and Director of Educational Planning have been vital to the early success and strides of AIMM.

Program Success Story

On July 30, 2010, program representatives met to discuss best practices during the past year and plans for the 10-11 academic year. A panel of 7 students--4 African American and 3 Latino males, dialogued on the needs of minority males and the resources that would support them.  Their feedback provided helpful information about the impact of social media for communication, the need for role models and opportunities to talk to other males about issues they face, and mentoring to engage and encourage them.
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