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Community College of Baltimore County - Male Student Success Initiative 


Mark Williams 

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Director, Career Development   


Community College of Baltimore County 


800 South Rolling Road 

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The Community College of Baltimore County has found that men of color—especially African-American men—are less likely to succeed in college than other students, and that the situation at CCBC mirrors a national problem. This project is designed to increase the persistence rate of a cohort of these students while also improving their academic standing. Project staff will recruit between one-hundred and two-hundred men of color are entering college for the first time, who need no more than one developmental course. These men will be registered in a section of the requiredcollege orientation course that is contextualized for African-American males. A case manager and project coordinator will join with the project director in providing special services for these men, all within the context of CCBC’s developing "Pathways"concept, a program that encourages mutual support and collegiality among students who share common interests. Services will include academic support, help with emotional maturity and social skills, training in financial literacy, and referral to other resources—in the community as well as the college—for problems connected to family or work responsibilities. These interventions will be evaluated by comparing persistence and academic standing among three groups: (1) the men in the cohort, (2) other men eligible for the cohort, but not recruited to it, who enroll in a contextualized section of the orientation course, and (3) other men eligible for the cohort who do not enroll in a contextualized section of the orientation course.

Program Services

Cohort Study Sessions; Service/Community Learning Opportunities; Leadership and Professional Development 

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For several years, the Community College of Baltimore County has been offering customized sections of its academic development course, ACDV 101, to cohorts of African American male students. Through the intensive professional development offered in the AAC&U Roadmap Project, CCBC began to realize the need to consolidate and extend its activities to include additional high impact practices within and beyond the first semester. We learned that although a single course can be effective for the short-term, to make a lasting impact we would need to offer more high impact activities that were carried out through multiple semesters. Preliminary research has been promising. Outcomes of over two hundred students in the special African American male sections were compared to the outcomes of almost 600 African American males in special sections. The mean success rate in ACDV 101 (grades A-C) for students in the special sections was 64% compared to 56% for the students in the regular sections. Other research has been conducted as well creating a partnership with Minority Male Community College Collaborative (M2C3) at San Diego State University. After distributing the Community College Survey of Men (CCSM) instrument to the ACDV 101 students during the third and final pilot phase of the instrument will reveal significant data about various categorical topics domains such as background, non-cognitive, academic, environmental, and campus ethos. Therefore, the new program emerged and will begin Fall 2014, is called, All In: Making the Grade, Defying the Odds.

Program Funded

This program is funded through an Maryland Higher Education Grant called Maryland College Access Challenge Grant Higher Education Student Persistence Program.

College President and Administrators Involvement

Community College of Baltimore administrators were instrumental in analyzing institutional data and recognizing the need to impact African American male success rates, identifying resources to fund the project, and fostering environment support and accountability for the program.

Program Success Story

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