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Baltimore City Community College - Academic Acceleration for African Americans Males (4A) Program 


Duane O. Reid Jr 

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Reid, MBA; MA 

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Director, PBI 4A Grant Program 


Baltimore City Community College 


2901 Liberty Heights Ave  

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Program Description

The 4A program exists to accelerate the completion of African American males in general studies degrees at BCCC through the providing of targeted academic support services.

Our services include but are not limited to academic advising, tutoring, workshops, mentoring programs, and a speaker series.  We want our men to complete their degrees at an accelerated pace. Additionally we want to make sure that we are adhering to the principals of transformative education.  We also offer limited financial support to students in the program with the aim of removing the barriers that often plague this group.  The 4A program provides some assistance with books and transportation to make sure students are able to be in class and have the materials necessary to succeed in the classroom.  
We encourage our students to never stop learning.  Another piece of what we do is to create connections to four year institutions of higher learning.  We want the 4A men to continue their education and to achieve success at the next level.  We also provide enrichment activities to provide culturally informative experiences for our students. 
This program is founded on the principal that if we support our students and provide them the necessary services and tools that we can make a significant change in the lives of our participants.  It is my belief that this program will have a positive impact not just on their lives but on the community as well. 

Program Services

Mentoring; Tutoring; Academic Advising 

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Program Initiated

The Baltimore City Community College “Quest” Program served as a pilot minority male initiative. This pilot initiative achieved successful outcomes.  The result of this success was an expansion of the research and framework for what would become known as the 4A Program.  The research indicated that African American males were taking on average ten years to complete their associate of arts degree.  The program was designed to place students on one of three accelerated pathways to completion. The program would also provide students a dedicated and highly qualified staff with resources to assist this population in achieving academic success.

Program Funded

The Academic Acceleration for African American Males (4A) Program is funded by a grant from the US Department of Education.  This $2,370,000 federal grant is funded over  a four year period beginning October 1, 2011 and ending on September 30, 2015. .  Baltimore City Community College provides an institutional contribution through the expertise and services of college employees as in kind contributions to this initiative.

College President and Administrators Involvement

The 4A Program is strategically aligned within the Academic Affairs division to create a context for support and collaboration with faculty and administration.  The grant receives direct supervision form the Academic Services department.  There are many administrators and staff at various levels of involvement in the 4A Program.  There are a few administrators with direct involvement in the grant through the contribution of in kind donations as a function of their regular duties.  Additionally a representative cross section of administrators serves on the PBI Advisory Committee. Finally there are countless number of faculty, staff, and administration who support the 4A program by attending and participating in the events hosted by the 4A program.

Program Success Story

"I think the 4A program is a great program for the young males. I learned a lot from the program." - Laron Matthews (4A Man)

"Everything the 4A program provided was great. It was cool and helpful having other 4A members in class with me." - John Majors (Freshmen 4A Man)

"The 4A program did everything I needed to assist me in achieving my academic success.  Accountability was the number one determining factor in continuing the program." - Dennis Neal (2013 4A Graduate)
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