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Montgomery College - Boys to Men  


Gus D. Grifffin, Sr.  

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Program Coordinator 


Montgomery College 


51 Mannakee Street 

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Program Description

What’s it all about?
Boys to Men (BTM) is a mentoring program specifically aimed at the retention of African American/Black Male students.  It will seek to foster a greater degree of academic success and personal responsibility.  BTM will provide academic and personal mentoring for the above targeted student population.  Participating students will also benefit from having their academic progress monitored each semester. 
We also have a once a month off campus gathering and an annual summer retreat to Ocean City/Eastern Shore.

Program Services

College Survival Skills; Service/Community Learning Opportunities; Leadership and Professional Development 

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Current Number of Students


Program Initiated

Upon recognizing the achievement gap between all too many of our Black male students and the larger student population, the four Black male counselors in our department decided to do something about this.  Thus, we submitted a "Make it Happen" innovation grant which are small seed monies to encourage out of the box approaches to address educational needs. 

Program Funded

We won the grant for $3500.  Since then we have won renewal in the same amount and our latest for $5000.  

College President and Administrators Involvement

Due to its success, we have been told by our Vice President to submit a budget request which we have.  Our president has assurred me that this effort's sustainability will be institutionally supported.

Program Success Story

Coming to MC (Montgomery College), I knew it was going to be stale and boring because I had friends who attended MC and they told me it is dead, how all they do is come to school, study, and then go home. I did not know anyone when I first came here and my perception of MC was that it is going to be the worst two years of my life. I complained about the school for the first two weeks of the fall semester and I did not think I should stay in a boring school because if I am not excited about learning then I cannot really learn. The first time I went to the “Boys to Men” club was when Professor Griffin saw me at counseling office and he is telling me about the club, and all I heard was that there will be food. That day I was tired and I was heading home when I reached in the back of my pocket when I saw the flyer he gave me and I said to myself, I might as well go because I am hungry! I go in thinking it’s going to be one of those boring lectures of adults telling young people what not to do. But on the contraire, it was one of the most invigorating experiences I had ever had. There was a lady that came in to talk to us about how to treat women and how to conduct ourselves in a relationship and she was very real about everything and that was what really intrigued me, no censorship. I thought I knew everything about women, but turns out I don’t know anything. That first meeting really opened my eyes after I left I had a different outlook on everything. The meeting that left the biggest impact on me was the meeting about Africa. I am from Sénégal West of Africa, and our speaker told us things I never knew about Africa because he had spent years doing humanitarian work there. He told us how not all the organization that want to help Africans are actually there to help Africans, but to help themselves and that was a shock to me. Till this day, I still think about those organizations and I started to do research on them. Another thing I love about “Boys to Men” is the amount of information and resources that I can tap into, for example when Professor Graves came in to talk to us, she told us information I would have ever known if it wasn’t for the club. I now have a plan on what college to transfer to and not just because my friends go there, but because it fits me and what I need to do. “Boys to Men” has expanded my mind in ways I never thought it could. Now I am actually excited to come to school because the people in the club have certain expectations of me and they have helped me to see what I could not see for myself. I have encouraged three of my friends to come into the club that normally hate clubs but they love this one because it’s a good environment to be in, the people there want us to succeed, there is good information given, and I think it’s hilarious! I can’t say enough about the club because I don’t want to write a book, but I am glad to be a part of it, and I hope other students in the near future will have the fortune of being part of such a great group.

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