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Community College of Denver - Urban Male Initiative 


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Director Center for Special Programs 


Community College of Denver  


800 Curtis Street 

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Program Description

The Urban Male Initiative (UMI) is for men who are students at the Community College of Denver (CCD). The Urban Male Initiative supports academic success, provides opportunities for personal and professional growth through leadership development, service learning and intentional investment in life skills.

Program Services

Academic Advising; Service/Community Learning Opportunities; Leadership and Professional Development 

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Program Initiated

In 2011, the Student Development Division led the charge to address the lack of resources and challenges faced by urban males and to ensure their college success.  Leadership within the Student Development division pulled together a committee to explore new ways to engage the men at the Community College of Denver, resulting in the formation of the Urban Male Initiative (UMI).

Through a series of special programming, events and activities, UMI provides opportunities for male students to connect with each other, faculty and staff and community role models with the goal of positively impacting these students’ college experiences all the way up to graduation.

Program Funded

The Urban Male Initiative is funded through general funds at the Community College of Denver.

College President and Administrators Involvement

The leadership at the Community college of Denver are actively involved with the Urban Male Initiative.  Our leadership has served as guest speakers, mentors, and advisor to UMI staff.  The leadership at the Community College of Denver are active in helping recruit students who can benefit  from the program as well as connecting UMI members with resources that are pertinent to the overall goals of retention and graduation of male students at the Community College of Denver. 

Program Success Story

One of the original members of the UMI program entered the program with a 1.5 GPA.  This young man was enrolled in three remedial classes and for the most part disengaged in school.  On top of that, he was dealing with serious health issues and homelessness.  Through UMI programming and leadership development this student has imporved his GPA to a 3.0, he has moved into college level classes, and he has become a leader on campus.  This young man has become actively involved in the campus community as well as the Denver Metro area community volunteering his time and encouraging his peers to dream big.  This young man has now set a goal of not only obtaining his Associates Degree, he is also looking to transfer to a major state college to pursue a bachelors degree.
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