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Chattahoochee Valley Community College - Future Leaders Program  


Earl Cook 

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Interim Dean of Instruction 


Chattahoochee Valley Community College 


2602 College Drive 

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Program Description

The Future Leaders Program
In August of 2008, Chattahoochee Valley Community College initiated the Minority Males Mentoring Program which we affectionately refer to as our Future Leaders Program.  The program is coordinated by Earl Cook, Mathematics/Science Division Chair (Interim Dean of Instruction, 2011 - 2012) and Administrator of Special Projects.  The goal of the program is to provide an opportunity for college success for an extremely underrepresented population, African American males.  Through Mr. Cook’s leadership, the college selects future leaders and provides them with a full tuition and fees scholarship.  In return, these young men must participate in mentoring, maintain a minimum grade point average, and perform community service – mentor other males. 

To be considered for this program we ask that students:

• Be nominated by an African American Community Leader who will also serve as the student’s mentor throughout the program
• Complete a college application
• Possess a “C” average and be eligible for admission to the college
• Complete an interview with the Future Leaders interviewing sub-committee and/or Mr. Cook
• Be approved by the “CVCC’s Scholarship Committee” for the scholarship

Once selected for the scholarships, the students must maintain good standing at the college in order to keep the scholarship.  To maintain good standing the student must:

• Attend all mandatory Minority Males Mentoring meetings
• Meet regularly with their advisor, Mr. Cook, weekly
• Earn a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester for a total of no less than 24 credit hours at the end of spring semester
• If attending summer, earning a minimum of 9 credit hours per summer semester and 12 for each remaining semester for a total of no less than 33 credit hours at the end of spring semester
• Maintain a minimum annual GPA of 2.00
• Identify at least one potential student and document a mentoring relationship with that student throughout the recipient’s sophomore year
• Document 50 hours of Servant Leadership services per semester

Program Services

Mentoring; Academic Advising; Service/Community Learning Opportunities 

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Current Number of Students


Program Initiated

This program was derived from annual  meetings between the Administration of CVCC and members of the African-American Community Leaders (AACL).  In one of the meetings, the statement was made "there are more black males in prison than there are in college" and the birth of this program bubbled out of that realization.

Program Funded


College President and Administrators Involvement

The President must approve all scholarships and he (Dr. Glen Cannon) increased the number of Future Leaders Scholarships from 5 to 10, effective Fall/2012.  Dr. Cannon also address the group on a regular bases and continually solicit members of the AACL to participate.

Program Success Story

Initially (August/2008) we had four African American men participating in this program.  One of these young men graduated from CVCC in 2009 and another one graduated May/2012.  Both of the other pioneers are working full time.  One is working at a local funeral home (goal was and is to be a mortician) and the other pioneer works full time with the Columbus (GA) Consolidated Government (Tax Assessment Office).
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