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Cuyahoga Community College District - Minority Male Initiative 


Terry Echols 

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Project Manager 


Cuyahoga Community College District 


2900 Community College Ave. 

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Program Description

The M.M.I. of Cuyahoga Community College seeks to help male students of color obtain degrees and certifications by utilizing a case management approach to holistic education. In doing so, a full array of support services are sought from ancillary as well as existing college resources, which are customized to the needs of the individual student. By using a holistic approach which includes one-on-one sessions with the Project Manager, having an identified mentor at the college, attending mandatory tutoring appointments, and attending group roundtable discussions aka 'The Barbershop' which brings students from the various campuses to partake in open dialogue with one another, the initiative focuses on the student's academic, personal and professional development. These efforts aim to provide a campus-wide foundation supporting the students from semester to semester to program completion. Participation requires a one-year commitment from the student. Each student will meet with the Project Manager to create an Individual Degree Completion Plan (I.D.C.P.). This plan is unique to each student and provides a guide to degree and certificate completion by identifying educational goals and offers programmatic activities that are not only critical to the utilization of the college's resources but provides insight to greater collegial engagement, a key to student success. Additional activities contained in the I.D.C.P. reflect items designed to meet the specific need and interest of the student such as employemnt sessions, addressing diversity issues, volunteer opportunities, college tours, public speaking engagements, book clubs, personal wellness, peer tutoring and much more. This allows a feeling of connectedness for the student. The volunteer, friendship-building and networking components each aid in the overall development and personal enrichment of the student. These measures will undoubtedly enhance the college experience of the student while building confidence to excel not only in the classroom, but in life as well.

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Tutoring; Career Planning; Leadership and Professional Development 

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Program Initiated

The program was initiated as part of a generous grant from The Kresge Foundation and the college's office of student success. As an ATD (Achieving the Dream) identified school, the college sought to respond proactively to the needs of its male students of color regarding collegial engagement, retention/ persistence and graduation. The mission of the M.M.I. aligns itself with the Mission, Vision and Values of the College.

Program Funded

The Minority Male Initiative of Cuyahoga Community College is funded through a generous grant from The Kresge Foundation.

College President and Administrators Involvement

The President of Cuyahoga Community College and the leadership team have enthusiastically supported the M.M.I. from its inception and have continued to be a valuable resource for guidance and information. Additionally, tremendous support has been garnered from faculty, staff and support personnel along with advisory councils. The M.M.I. looks to expand as a critical resource for the success of its male students of color.

Program Success Story

Since its inception (Aug. 2010), the M.M.I. has seen GPAs increase from 2.1 (Fall), to 2.4 (Spring 2011) to 2.7 (Summer 2011). In this same time, two students have graduated and matriculated into four-year universities while six others are preparing for graduation/ certificate completion in Spring 2012. A recent graduate and student at Cleveland State University states, "the M.M.I. provided me with a clear outlook to graduation, fostered many friendships that I still have today and better prepared me for the rigors of CSU. It's easy to see why I still participate in the program by mentoring, tutoring others, attending roundtable workshops and attending the Inclusion and Diversity Series Workshops with my friends at Tri-C, these guys are like brothers to me". Said by another current member, "I was hesitant about joining the M.M.I. but soon realized that it was just like being in a fraternity without the hazing. They really care about me making it in college". Finally it was noted, " I had poor grades in my first semester of college and was placed on probation. Mr. Echols kept calling me trying to get me involved with the program until I finally said ok. I started participating in the activities, Barbershops and college tours and haven't looked back. My parents and my girlfriend are proud to see that I am doing well in school and have a purpose, I owe a lot to the M.M.I.".
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