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Kansas City Kansas Community College - Fringe Benefits of Education (FBOE) 


Denise McDowell 

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Dean Enrollment Management and Registrar 


Kansas City Kansas Community College  


7250 State Avenue 

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Kansas City 









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Program Description

Kansas City Kansas Community College has a program that offers a circle of support for males between the ages of 17 and 24 years of age. Since Spring 2008 FBOE has been guiding primarily young men to overcome the barriers that cause hopelessness and a disconnect from their dreams.

The benefits of program participation:
• Mentor/Life Skills Coach
• Rebuild Your Swag
• Open Opportunities
• Community Level Support
• Position You to Compete

Participation is open to young men who are:
• On the fringe of dropping out
• Losing hope of being successful
• Seeking employable skills
• Having a hard time transitioning into the real world
• Looking for a ways to connect with community resources
• Wanting a better chance of beating the odds

On the first Thursday of every month, a dynamic speaker inspires the young men to focus on the benefits of education. Follow-up Thursdays are held to position the participants to do what is required to compete. All sessions are held from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Jewell Student Center lower level at Kansas City Kansas Community College.

The tag line for F.B.O.E. is “NO MORE EXCUSES”. Every effort is made to eliminate the excuses used to derail dreams, such as:
• No more excuses for not being in college
• No more excuses for poor grades
• No more excuses for not being accountable
• No more excuses for not being employable
• No more excuses for not being dependable

Program Services

Mentoring; Academic Advising; Leadership and Professional Development 

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Program Initiated

The Provost saw a need to connect with young men to increase recruitment, retention and graduation rates.  To make good on the promise, he directed a young man to the Dean of Enrollment Management/Registrar to explore options. In the Fall of 2007 a focus group was formed to identify problems that young men face in navigating the educational system. The result of the focus group was the development of F.B.O.E. in the Spring of 2008. FBOE was developed under and is maintained by Dr. Denise McDowell, Dean of Enrollment Management/Registrar; Roger Suggs, F.B.O.E. Community Liaison, and committed mentors.

Program Funded

Funds are allotted each year as a budget line item under Enrollment Management.

College President and Administrators Involvement

The College president and campus administrators are invited to each first Thursday event, have open invitations to each Follow-Up Thursday meeting, and reports are submitted both monthly and annually. The Vice President of Student and Administrative Services is a strong champion for the program and works tirelessly to ensure we have funds and the necessary campus support.

Program Success Story

 “I’ve been through a lot of stuff since I’ve been with this program, and it got me over a lot of stuff – a lot of obstacles in my life. When I first came in, I was bouncing from job to job.  Now, I’ve been on my job successfully for like a year now.  There have been a lot of issues with management and me; learning these soft skills at the program has kept me at my job through knowing how to handle situations better. I would recommend it to anybody.”
Dalano (Works for 7up-Dr Pepper, has a young child, and is getting married in  September.)
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