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2015 ATE Conference

 Pre-Conference Workshops 

Pre-Conference Registration Deadline: Extended to October 8, 2014

Pre-conference workshops will be offered on Wednesday, October 22. All participants who would like to attend a workshop must pre-register for the session by September 25, 2014. You can pick up your pre-conference workshop tickets at conference registration. All pre-conference workshops, with the exception of Workshop B, have a registration fee of $50.00. 

Workshop Registration: You may register for the pre-conference workshops online by going to the Conference Registration page or you can download and return the Conference Registration Form provided below.

Pre-Conference Workshop Descriptions for Wednesday, October 22

1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Workshop A: Getting Started (Recommended for New Grantees or New Project Personnel)

Advance Registration and Ticket Required: Fee - $50.00

This workshop is recommended for all principal investigators, co-principal investigators, and other team members involved in newly awarded projects and centers in FY14. Others who may find the workshop useful include new awardees in FY13 and other project personnel from prior years who have recently become involved in ATE projects and centers. The workshop will be divided into three parts: (1) ATE Program Issues. Topics to be covered include reporting requirements such as annual and final reports, working with NSF program officers, changes in project personnel or scope, data collection, FastLane and other reporting systems, use of Advisory Boards and National Visiting Committees, preparing project highlights for NSF and others, Institutional Review Boards (IRBs), and many other relevant topics. (2) Financial Management and Grant Management Issues. This section will focus on financial accounting issues and discuss in detail problems often seen in monitoring visits such as participant support, time and effort accounting, subawardees, record keeping, changes in scope, overload, and use of consultants. (3) Evaluation. This segment will address building in evaluation from the start of your project or center. The ATE program has an annual survey of all projects and centers that have been active for more than one year. Additional evaluation topics to be addressed include, but are not limited to, evaluation design, methods and instrumentation, resources for learning about productive evaluation, the roles of internal and external evaluators, and evaluation challenges. 

1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Workshop B: What Really Works? Views on Successful Hiring from Employers and New Employees
Advance Registration Required:  Free-of-Charge   *New*

This session will feature employer/new employee (student) pairings who will discuss the entire hiring process from their respective viewpoints. Topics will include what really matters in an effective resume, effective interviewing strategies, important technical competencies and certifications, and other job-specific requirements. In this interactive workshop, attendees will also have the opportunity to critique, review, and discuss sample resumes and interview scenarios in small groups with input from the employer/new employee presenters.

1:00 – 4:00 p.m. 
Workshop C: Where Do We Go from Here? A Practical Approach to Sustainability
Advance Registration and Ticket Required: Fee - $50.00

While most ATE proposals include some level of discussion around sustainability, carrying out those sustainability plans can prove an overwhelming challenge. In this interactive workshop, participants will get a chance to explore solutions to their sustainability challenges through case studies, targeted exercises, and group discussion. Facilitated brainstorming and conversation will take place in a roundtable format, as participants work together to define what sustainability means for their project or center, examine strategies for securing support from their home institutions, and share strategies that have proven valuable for those in the ATE community and beyond. There is no one way to sustain a project or center, and in this hands-on workshop, PIs and staff will get an opportunity to incorporate fresh thinking and new ideas designed to develop customized plans to sustain the valuable efforts and deliverables of their ATE projects and centers throughout, and beyond, the life cycle of their grant.

1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Workshop D: Targeted Research on Student Outcomes - How to Partner with Education Researchers
Advance Registration and Ticket Required:  Fee - $50.00

This workshop will provide an overview of targeted research funded projects, discuss the benefits and challenges of integrating research into your ATE program, and provide tools and resources to build partnerships with education researchers through university and private partnerships. Interactive activities include focusing on case studies such as examining how research can inform high school student recruitment. Come and learn about research models that can be adapted to promote research partnerships among ATE grantees—and the benefits it can bring to your program. 

1:00 – 4:00 p.m.  
Workshop E: ATE Evaluation Practice - Lessons from the Field
Advance Registration and Ticket Required:  Fee - $50.00 

In this workshop, experienced ATE evaluators and project/center leaders will describe their evaluations, share lessons learned, and discuss how they use their evaluation results to improve their work. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to apply the concepts and strategies presented to their own work and take away practical tools and guidance.

*EvaluATE is offering funding for evaluators to attend the ATE Conference and the ATE Evaluation Pre-Conference Workshop. Please click here for an application and further information. 

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