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 Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the deadline to register for the ATE Conference?

The deadline to register for the conference and to sign up for any pre-conference workshops is September 27, 2012.  The deadline to reserve space for the Showcase Sessions is September 20, 2012.

How many people can register per grant to attend the conference?

Please see the Conference Registration page for detailed information on how many attendees per grant award can attend the conference.  

Where can I find my ATE grant number in order to register?

Please click here to view a list of eligible ATE grant numbers (as of August 15, 2012) by institution or consult with the Principal Investigator on your grant.  You may have more than one active ATE grant number, but NSF has selected the grant awards that are eligible to attend the conference.  Renewals or extensions of a previous grant count as one grant. Please note that this list is accurate as of the date listed. As NSF awards new grants, AACC will be in direct contact with those PIs about conference invitations and registration.

If my institution has more than one grant, how do I know what grant to register under?

Please contact your PI or other grant team members for guidance.  AACC has coded a set amount of registration space per grant in the online system so each participant must register with a grant number.  

AACC has my grant listed as a project grant and I have a center grant?

AACC receives the list of grant awards from NSF.  If you feel that your grant has been improperly designated as a project or center, please contact NSF.  Please note that planning grants for centers count as a project.

How can I pay for my conference registration or pre-conference workshop fee?

You may pay online by VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS.  You may make a payment by check by mail.  Purchase Orders are not an acceptable form of payment.

How can I register online if I need to pay for my conference registration fees by check?

Unfortunately, the online system can not process payments by check.  If paying by check, please download the Conference Registration Form and submit it with your check payment.  Please be sure to fax a copy of the form to 202-513-8229 as well as mail your payment to the address listed on the form.  There is often some lag time while the payment goes through accounting before it reaches the conference office.  In order to secure your registration, please mail and fax a copy as instructed.

What is the policy for transferring or canceling a registration?

Please note that you are responsible for payment if you do not cancel and do not attend.  Participant substitutions can be made at any time by emailing  Refunds minus a $25 cancellation fee will be issued for cancellations received in writing by Friday, October 14.  No refunds will be issued for cancellations after October 14. 2012.

Can I register for a pre-conference workshop on site at the conference?

If space is available, you may register on site at the conference.  However, AACC strongly encourages that you pre-register for the workshop sessions in order to secure a spot as they tend to fill up quickly.

If I sign-up for one workshop, can I attend any workshop that I choose since the fees are the same?

Due to space limitations, you will only be given a ticket to the pre-conference workshop for which you are registered.  

My registration is complimentary and I would like to sign up for a pre-conference workshop, do I have to pay a pre-conference workshop registration fee?

Yes.  The registration fees for pre-conference workshops are required for all participants.  

Do I make my own travel arrangements to attend the conference?

Yes.  Each participant is responsible for making their own hotel and travel arrangements.  Information on the hotel, area airports, and ground transportation can be found on the Hotel and Travel page.

How do I make a hotel reservation?

Please refer to the Hotel and Travel page for detailed information on making hotel reservations.  Please note that each individual is responsible for making their own hotel arrangements by the September 27 deadline.

Each project and center get a certain number of complimentary hotel rooms, how do we know who gets assigned the complimentary rooms?

AACC will assign the complimentary rooms to those participants that have complimentary registrations.  If your grant team would like to allot the rooms differently, please send an email to with your request.

I am supposed to have a complimentary room.  I called the hotel to make a reservation and was told that my room was not on the master account.  How do I go about making sure that my room is direct billed to AACC?

AACC assigns the rooms that are to be direct billed to the master account FOLLOWING the September 27 hotel reservation deadline.  AACC goes over the rooming list from the hotel at that time and makes the assignments.  Please check with the front desk upon hotel check-in to make sure that your room was assigned properly.  If there are any questions or concerns, please report them to the ATE Conference Registration desk on site so AACC staff can correct the billing prior to check-out.

What is the room rate if I am paying for my hotel room or for additional nights?

The hotel rate is $234.00 for single/double plus tax.

Can I make my hotel reservations online?

Yes.  Please click here to go directly to the Omni’s Hotel Reservation page.

If I want to participate in a showcase session do I need to reserve space?

Yes.  Space for the showcase sessions must be reserved by September 20, 2012.  Showcase reservations and AV requests can only be submitted online through the Showcase and AV Online Reservation form.  Please see the Showcase Session page for more information.

I am a new grantee.  Am I required to participate in a showcase session?

New grantees are not required to participate, but may do so if they wish.

How do I ship my showcase materials to the hotel?

All materials to be used in the showcase sessions must be handled through the conference general services contractor, Brede.  The Omni Shoreham will not accept showcase shipments.  Please note that participants are responsible for all shipping arrangements and charges.  Please refer to the Showcase Session page for detailed shipping and materials handling information.

Can I make arrangements for return shipping of my showcase display from the conference?  

Yes. You may make return shipping arrangements through Brede or the hotel business center on site.  

Can I request a data projector or Internet connection for my showcase session?

Due to cost, AACC can not offer data projectors or Internet connections at the showcase sessions.  However, you are welcome to contact the Omni Shoreham's in-house AV company to make arrangements and cover the costs yourself.  Please see the Showcase Session page for more information.

Is there a cancellation policy if I reserved AV equipment for the showcase session through AACC and no longer need it?

AACC provides limited AV equipment at no cost to conference participants.  Any cancellation of showcase equipment requests must be received in writing by October 12, 2012.  Colleges and institutions will be invoiced following the conference for the cost of any equipment that they order but do not use on site.  If you require AV equipment not listed, you must cover the costs and make arrangements yourself with the conference AV company.  

What is the conference dress code?

There is no formal dress code for the conference.  AACC suggests business casual and would like you to be comfortable.  It is also best to dress in layers as sometimes the conference rooms can be very cool. AACC also suggests comfortable shoes as the meeting space can be spread out and involve a good deal of walking.

Where do I report any dietary restrictions or special needs?

When you register for the conference, there is a space to indicate any special needs.  In addition, you may email your requests to

What meals will be offered at the conference?

There will be reception with heavy appetizers on Wednesday evening, October 24.  The conference will also provide continental breakfast and lunch on Thursday and Friday, October 25 and 26.

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