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Online Resources from Birds of a Feather Sessions

 Online Resources from Birds of a Feather Sessions 

The Birds of a Feather sessions are designed to provide an environment for colleagues with similar interests to meet for informal discussion. Conference evaluations have continually indicated that participants want more opportunities to network with their colleagues around areas of common interest. These sessions feature small group discussion to provide participants the opportunity to meet with peers; share promising practices, resources, and lessons learned; collaborate on future endeavors; and establish networks. Specifically selected session and discussion leaders will share expertise and facilitate access to an interactive information exchange on some of the most timely and important issues for the ATE community. ATE project and center teams are advised to divide their attendees among the different Birds of a Feather sessions to cover more ground at the conference and to benefit from multiple contacts. 

A list of online resources will be available on the conference web site for each Birds of a Feather session; and participants are encouraged to contribute any additional resources for these lists on site. The Birds of a Feather resource lists will be updated and posted to the conference web site and ATE Central.

Note: Each Birds of a Feather session will be set for 40-50 attendees. Attendance at these discussion sessions is first-come, first-served. If the session room is full, please select another session to attend. The sessions will be offered from 2:30–3:45 p.m. and then repeat from 4:00–5:15 p.m. so participants have the opportunity to attend more than one session.

Complete List (ATE Central)

 Session  Room
 Session 1: Industry Perspectives and Partnerships Diplomat
 Session 2: Strategies for Student Recruitment Congressional A
 Session 3: Classroom Retention Strategies for STEM Programs That Really Work Congressional B
 Session 4: Developmental Math/English Ambassador
 Session 5: Evalutating the Impact of Your ATE Grant Empire
 Session 6: Problem-Based Learning Capitol
 Session 7: Secondary School Pathways Governors
 Session 8: Blended and Distance Learning Forum
 Session 9: Two-Year/Four-Year Partnerships and Collaborations Calvert 
 Session 10: Effective Project Management Cabinet
 Session 11: Accessing and Using Data to Improve Program Outcomes and Measure Student Success Embassy
 Session 12: Research on Technician Education Senate
 Session 13: Digital Outreach and Social Media Tools Regency
 Session 14: Developing Transferable Knowledge and Skills in the 21st Century Palladian
 Session 15: Engaging Students With Disabilities Hampton

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