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 Call for Sessions 

Submission Deadline: August 28, 2008

The agenda for the 2008 ATE Principal Investigators Conference will include opportunities for leaders from ATE projects and centers to moderate discussion sessions, lead workshops, or conduct demonstrations or presentations.

Session Tracks:
The 2008 ATE PI Conference features nine tracks. Sessions in each track will include topics pertaining to advanced technological education. Conference planners will give preference to session proposals that focus on or relate to the conference theme, Faces of Success.  The conference theme highlights technicians from their student beginnings and achievements to their value and impact as employees in the workplace.  In keeping with the conference theme, submissions are encouraged in the following tracks:

Track 1: Highlighting Technician Achievement and Impact
Sessions in this category may include: stories, experiences, and opinions of current and former students, ATE alums working in industry, and perspectives from those that helped to enable success such as faculty, advisors, and hiring managers/employers.

Track 2: Developing and Sustaining Technician Programs
Sessions in this category may include: facing issues of high costs and low enrollments, increasing student pipelines, addressing emerging career fields, building discipline specific programs, entrepreneurship strategies, comprehensive design.

Track 3: Keeping Faculty and Curriculum Current in the Discipline
Sessions in this category may include: faculty development for secondary school teachers and community college faculty, methods and models for professional development, curriculum design/revision.

Track 4: Engaging Students in the Classroom
Sessions in this category may include: undergraduate research, business strategies, student internships, addressing the needs of 21st century learners.

Track 5: Recruiting and Retaining Students
Sessions in this category may include: specific and proven strategies for targeting women and underserved populations, marketing to students, learning communities, building pathways into technical programs.

Track 6: Marketing to External Constituencies
Sessions in this category may include: marketing technical programs to industry, secondary schools, guidance counselors, parents, and/or the community.

Track 7: Using New and Emerging Technologies and Pedagogies
Sessions in this category may include: problem or case-based learning, virtual labs, Web 2.0 applications, digital interactive simulations.

Track 8: Keeping Employers Involved and Partnerships Active
Sessions in this category may include: engaging employers in curriculum development and improvement, strategies for serving company needs, scholarships, internships, externships, developing industry champions.

Track 9: Assessing Student Learning , Evaluating Programs, and Research
Sessions in this category may include: project evaluation, electronic systems concept inventory, student assessment strategies, targeted research for technicians.

Session Formats:

The discussion format offers an interactive venue for ATE grantees to share promising practices and lessons learned with other members of the ATE community, and/or to convene a group around a shared discipline or technology area (e.g., nanotechnology or GIS) to network, share insights, and explore ways to collaborate.  Discussion moderators serve as facilitators of interactive, substantive discussions and small group activities.  In order to provide maximum opportunity for small group discussion, moderators must keep any introductory remarks to no more than 10 minutes and use those remarks to frame the discussion.

Session Length: 60 minutes
Time Slots: Thursday, October 30 between 2:45 – 5:00 p.m.
Session Capacity: Varies, up to 30 people
Maximum Number of Moderators: 2 people
AV Provided: Access to electricity for use of personal lap top computers is provided. Flip charts and markers are also available if requested prior to the conference.

A limited number of workshops will be scheduled.  In the workshop format, one or two presenters will organize a systematic exchange of ideas or conduct a demonstration or application of techniques and/or promising practices that will provide greater insight into the issues outlined in the conference tracks.  Examples of workshops might include: establishing Institutional Review Boards; demonstrating Web-based social learning tools and technologies for student engagement; and applying universal design for learning.

Session Length: 60 minutes
Time Slots: Thursday, October 30 between 2:45 – 5:00 p.m.    
Session Capacity: Varies, up to 60 people
Maximum Number of Presenters (including moderator): 3 people
AV Provided: Presenters may request the use of a lap top computer, LCD projector and screen, television with DVD/VCR, and/or a flip chart with markers prior to the conference. 

Breakfast Roundtables
Breakfast roundtables provide a forum for interactive discussion of a topic among a small group of 5-10 people including the moderator. At each table, the moderator will introduce the topic and facilitate discussion among all the participants at the table.  Breakfast roundtables are designed as informal sessions and attendance is not pre-assigned.  Attendance at roundtables is first come, first served and limited to a maximum of 10 people including the moderator seated around one round table.

Session Length: 60 minutes
Time Slots: Thursday, October 30 and Friday, October 31 from 7:45 – 8:45 a.m., in conjunction with the continental breakfast being served in the Regency Ballroom. 
Session Capacity: 10 people including the moderator
Maximum Number of Moderators: 1 person
AV Provided: Roundtables do not have access to electricity or audio-visual aids.  However, roundtable moderators may bring handouts to help facilitate discussion.

Showcase Demonstrations
The 2008 ATE PI Conference will offer Showcase Demonstrations for the first time.  These sessions will take place at a demonstration station within in the exhibit hall – near the booths for the ATE projects and centers.  For each showcase session, 3 or 4 projects or centers will be selected to give short demonstrations of innovative implementation approaches, technologies, and/or tools related to technician education. This format will allow for a more dynamic presentation than possible at a project or center booth. Submissions for demonstrations will be considered on the basis of their innovation, practical value, presentation style, and relevance to the main conference theme.  ATE centers and projects that propose to conduct a demonstration must also sign up separately to participate in a showcase session.

Demonstration Length: 30 minutes total including set-up and break-down. (Time for setting up and breaking down the demonstration must be included in the 30-minute session length.)
Time Slots: Showcase Demonstrations will be scheduled during the showcase exhibit time.
Demonstration Capacity: Seating area for up to 20 people
Maximum Number of Presenters: 2 people
AV Provided: The demonstration area in the exhibit hall will include a lap top, LCD projector and screen, and access to the Internet.

Leader and Facilitator Responsibilities for Reporting:
Discussion and Workshop leaders must capture the notes or key ideas shared at their sessions and submit a brief report to AACC following the conference along with copies of any presentations or handouts. A sample format for reporting will be provided prior to the ATE PI Conference.
The materials will be included in the conference proceedings and posted to the Web site.

How to Submit a Session Proposal:
Each ATE project and center may submit a total of 2 session proposals in response to this Call for Sessions. One (1) submission per project and center will be considered for a Workshop or a Discussion session; and 1 submission will be considered for a Showcase Demonstration or a Breakfast Roundtable. (For the purposes of this Call for Sessions, renewals or extensions of a previous grant count as only one project or center.)

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, August 28. Participants will be notified about the sessions that have been accepted for the conference and the session schedule by Monday, September 29.

Call for Sessions PDF:

More Information:
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