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 News and Events 

International news and events highlighted by AACC's international office are regularly posted below and announced in the monthly electronic newsletter, the AACC Global Connections.

Education World News

WES study calls for better use of students, alumni and faculty in international student recruitment
The Pie News / Oct 3, 2014

Trinidad and Tobago touts its education system and virtual classroom initiative
Worldfolio / Sept 25, 2015

German multi-national corporation provides support for STEM education at U.S. community colleges
Community College Daily/ Sept 25, 2014

Europe reports better employability for graduates who studied abroad
University World News/ Sept 24, 2014

Central Piedmont Community College (NC) secures $32M donation from German multi-national corporation
Charlotte Observer / Sept 24, 2015

Attracting skilled immigrants tied to Canada’s international student recruitment strategy
Inside Higher Ed / Sept 23, 2014

Study finds that a huge number of prospective international student inquiries go unanswered
The Pie News / Sept 23, 2014

Canada's desire for immigrants influences its international student recruitment strategy
Inside Higher Ed / Sept 23, 2014

NACAC has created a guide for how to use agents in international student recruiting
The Pie News / Sept 18, 2014

Shorelight creates Massachusetts Community College Challenge scholarship for study in the U.K.
The Pie News / Sept 17, 2014

African Development Bank new strategy makes education and skills development high priorities
University World News/ Sept 13, 2014

China converts universities to polytechnics to prepare more technicians
University World News/ Sept 12, 2014

Cyprus to tighten regulations to prevent international students’ transition to illegal workers
The Pie News / Sept 12, 2014

Palo Alto Networks discovers huge scam in China selling institutions’ email accounts
University World News / September 11, 2014

Online courses by textbook giants homogenizing basic learning with student recruitment implications
Slate / September 4, 2014

International student recruitment and study abroad programs affected by Ebola crisis
University World News / August 30, 2014

Egypt announces a new higher education plan focused on workforce, skills development
University World News / August 29, 2014

Brookings Institution report: international students connect U.S. communities to the global economy
Chronicle of Higher Education/ August 29, 2014

U.S. will now share visa and immigration information with Australia
IIP Digital / August 27, 2014

China now allows higher education institutions to increase tuition and fees.
University World News / August 20, 2014

Millennial Trains Project exposes American entrepreneurs to global networks and experiences
IIP Digital/August 15, 2014

Archeologists use technology, social media to document and save Middle Eastern history
Chronicle of Higher Education/ August 13, 2014

IIE launches inaugural summit on the rescue of threated scholars around the world
IIE newsletter / August 13, 2014

U.S. higher education could benefit from looking at other education systems around the world
USA Today / August 12, 2014

Gifts from abroad increasingly add to college coffers in the United States
Chronicle of Higher Education/ August 11, 2014

China’s newly released education strategy focuses on vocational education, skills training.
The Pie News/August 8, 2014

Angola is keen on developing U.S. higher education partnerships
Worldfolio/ August 5, 2014

Duolingo seeks to upend the market for English language proficiency testing
Inside Higher Ed/July 29, 2014

USAID will help fund African leadership centers focused on entrepreneurship
IIP Digital/July 28, 2014

Google uses crowd sourcing to improve its translation services
EDUKWEST/July 28, 2014

Academic exchange initiatives are essential to achieving U.S. foreign policy goals
New York Times/July 27, 2014

TED Talks educates audiences about the importance of international travel
Edudemic/July 22, 2014

AoC demands that U.K. further education institutions be given equal treatment
TES Connect / July 18, 2014

The Netherlands announces a new strategy to internationalize its education system
University World News / July 18, 2014

Integrity issues continue regarding international student recruitment
University World News/ July 18, 2014

EdX-Saudi Ministry MOOC provides job skills to women, youth, disabled, and rural areas
Campus Technology/July 16, 2014

New IIE e-publication focuses on the impact of the Scholar Rescue Fund
IIE/July 15, 2014

New IIE international study shows increased desire for U.S. high school diplomas
University World News/ July 12, 2014

Importance of education is prominent focus of 2014 U.S.-China CPE
IIP Digital/ July 10, 2014

Brazil announces 100,00 new Science-Without-Borders scholarships
ICEF Monitor/July 04, 2014

New World Bank reports on the skills development initiative in Vietnam
The World Bank/June 26, 2014

Increase in foreign companies establishing operations in the United States
IIP Digital/June 25, 2014

MOOCs as international student recruitment tools
Inside Higher Ed/June 25, 2014

More than 50,000 ETS English language tests called into question
The Chronicle of Higher Education/June 25, 2014

ELS and SRM University open a language center in India
The Pie News/June 23, 2014

Ignoring globalization is a recipe for institutional marginalization and ultimate irrelevance
The Chronicle of Higher Education/June 18, 2014

Prince of Asturias foundation makes contribution to Fulbright program
IIP Digital/June 13, 2014

Peacebuilding is an integral part of preparing graduates for an ever-changing world
Community College Daily/June 12, 2014

The Pacific Partnership focuses on medical training for five east Asian countries
IIP Digital/June 12, 2014

China is an increasingly popular destination for international students
ICEF Monitor/June 11, 2014

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Events

2013 Advanced Technological Education (ATE) National Principal Investigators Conference, ATE @20: Sustaining Success and Advancing Innovation, October 23-25, Washington, D.C., is hosted by AACC, in partnership with the National Science Foundation. The opening plenary session will be immediately followed by a centers “showcase” and reception. This showcase session, along with others throughout the conference, will highlight about 200 ATE projects nationwide, and provide an opportunity to meet ATE project participants and learn firsthand about their activities to advance education in STEM in the U.S. higher and secondary education secttors.Expected attendees include more than 800 community college technician educators and their ATE project partners, including representatives from four-year institutions and business/industry. Approximately 50 community college students will attend and present as part of the project showcase sessions.



 ‭(Hidden)‬ Global Spotlight

NATIONAL AWARDS: Shoreline Community College (WA) won IIE's 2013 Heiskell Award for Internationalizing the Professions, and Pitt Community College (NC) for Internationalizing the Community College. Both Green River Community College (WA) and Lone Star College System (TX) won NAFSA's 2013 Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization.

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