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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Workshop A:  Getting Started

Workshop B:  Social Media and ATE – Are We There Yet?

Workshop C:  Technician Help Wanted – Technology Knowledge + Employability Skills Required

Workshop D:  Putting the Pieces Together – How to Build Your Sustainability Portfolio

Workshop E: A Practical Approach to Outcome Evaluation – Step-by-Step

Special Pre-Conference Session:  A NSF ATE Coordination Network Conversation

Plenary Session:  Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Lives
Keynote Speaker:  Andreas Schleicher, Director, Directorates of Education and Skills, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris, France

  • Video  [Note: The session starts at 3:35 following an introductory video.]
  • Presentation  [Note: This is a Prezi presentation saved as a Zip file. You may need to download the appropriate software online to access it.]

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Session 1:  Growing Student Leaders for a 21st Century Workforce through Undergraduate Research and Innovation

Concurrent Session 2:  Keep Calm and Career Coach On!

Concurrent Session 3:  Emerging Technologies Lightning Round

Concurrent Session 4:  Implementing Competency-Based Education in STEM Technician Programs for Student Success

Demonstration Sessions

Demonstration:  Using Ardiunos to Teach Engineering Concepts

Demonstration:  Developing a Curriculum through a Jobs Skills Analysis Using Compression Planning

Demonstration:  Puzzle-Based Learning Approach to Teaching Cybersecurity Concepts

Demonstration:  Don’t Hit That Wall! Here’s a Way to Energize Students in STEM

Demonstration:  STEM Pathways Assessment Tool

Demonstration:  Adding Pizzazz to Your Marketing and Outreach Materials

Demonstration:  Using Remote Access to Effectively Bridge High-Tech Equipment into Classrooms

Demonstration:  A Practical Approach to Outcome Evaluation – Step-by-Step

Demonstration:  Partnering with Industry to Create the Telepresence Classroom

Panel Sessions

Panel:  Sustaining Your Program – Planning and Implementing Ahead of Time

Panel:  The Other 21st Century Skills – Leadership, Pride, and Ownership

Panel:  Model Undergraduate Research Experiences that Prepare Students for the STEM Workforce

Panel:  Advanced Manufacturing Centers’ Resource Lightning Round

Panel:  Increasing Female Enrollment in STEM – Hear from Educators Who Have Had Success

Panel:  Using Social Media Best Practice to Recruit Students to Technical Programs

Panel:  Recent Advances in Additive Manufacturing – Workforce Development

Friday, October 28, 2016

Plenary Session:  Leadership in the 21st Century
Keynote Speaker:  Sheila Forte-Trammell, Human Resources Consultant, Total HR Services, LLC, NC

  • Video  [Note: The session starts at 4:28 following an introductory video.]
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