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Wednesday, October 27

Pre-Conference Workshop A: Getting Started 
PowerPoint Presentation: Dave Campbell, National Science Foundation, VA
PowerPoint Presentation: "Working with NSF ATE Science Assistant and Technical Staff"

Pre-Conference Workshop B: Experience How to Make Learning Real for Your Students
PowerPoint Presentation: Sharon Ellerton, Queensbourough Community College, NY

Pre-Conference Workshop C: Technical Education in Small and Rural Schools - Challenges and Opportunities
PowerPoint Presentation: Gary Halvorson, Sitting Bull College, ND
PowerPoint Presentation: Tora Johnson, University of Maine at Machias, ME
PowerPoint Presentation: Mike Rudibaugh, Lake Land College, IL
PowerPoint Presentation: Randy Smith, Rural Community College Alliance, OK
Handout: Notes from Breakout Groups
Pre-Conference Workshop D: Improving Technician Education through E-Materials and Innovative Online Teaching Strategies
PowerPoint Presentation: Dan Hull, OP-TEC: National Center for Optics and Photonics, TX
PowerPoint Presentation: Gordon Snyder, Springfield Technical Community College, MA
PowerPoint Presentation: Robert Tinker, Concord Consortium, MA

Pre-Conference Workshop E: Designing Practical and Useful Evaluations
Evaluation Workshop Presentations

Opening Plenary Session:  Beating the Odds – The Critical Role of America’s Community Colleges in Preparing Students from All Backgrounds for STEM Careers
Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Freeman A. Hrabrowski, III, President, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Video Presenation 

Thursday, October 28

Concurrent Session 1: The Entrepreneurial Technician - Educating the Innovative STEM Professional
PowerPoint Presentation: "Educating the Entrepreneur with Scenario-Based Learning"
PowerPoint Presentation: Jane Ostrander, De Anza College, CA
PowerPoint Presentation: Stuart Schulman, Kingsborough Community College, NY
PowerPoint Presentation: Heather Van Sickle, National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship, MA

Concurrent Session 2: Workforce Diversity - Reaching and Supporting Traditionally Underserved Students
PowerPoint Presentation: Jay Smink, "Dropout Prevention: Working with Underserved Students"
PowerPoint Presentation: Gerald Buckley, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY
PowerPoint Presentation: Diego James Navarro, Cabrillo College, CA
Handout: 15 Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention
Handout: Diversity of Influences and Indicators Contributing to School Dropouts

Concurrent Session 3: Conducting Research to Support Advanced Technological Education with Examples from the DECA Project
PowerPoint Presentation: Charles Henderson, Western Michigan University, MI
PowerPoint Presentation: Nick Smith, Syracuse University, NY
PowerPoint Presentation: Louise Yarnall, SRI International CA

Concurrent Session 4: Federal Agencies and STEM - Programs and Funding You Need to Know About
PowerPoint Presentation: Thomas Pinelli, MASA Langley Research Center, VA
PowerPoint Presentation: Brad Wiggins, U.S. Department of Labor, DC
PowerPoint Presentation: Stephanie Willett, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, DC

Lunch Plenary Session: 21st Century Skills - From Industry to Education and Back
Keynote Speaker: Charles Fadel, Global Education Research Lead, CISCO
PowerPoint Presentation
Video Presentation

Birds of a Feather Sessions       
Summary PDF
Birds of a Feather Web site

Friday, October 29

Plenary Session: The Art of Enlightened Self-Interest
Keynote Speaker: Ann Higdon, President and Founder, Improved Solutions for Urban Systems (ISUS)
Video Presentation

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