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Examination and Desk Copies
Reprint Guidelines

 Reprint Guidelines 

If you wish to copy or quote from an AACC publication, please send a letter to Tabitha Whissemore, Office of Communications, AACC, One Dupont Circle NW, Suite 410, Washington, DC 20036. Include the following:

  • title, author, and other bibliographic information of selection to be reprinted
  • copy of passage or description of the selection to be reprinted
  • number of copies
  • description of how the material will be used (to whom it will be distributed)
  • whether it will be sold
  • space for AACC signature
  • upon approval, AACC will sign and return the letter.

Permission Granted with Written Request

Journal or Daily article or a chapter or less of a book for:

  • use in course packets that are not sold to students
  • noncommercial use for a finite use and time
  • appearance on the Web for a mutually agreed-upon time period

Cover page of each or the borrower's Web page must include a credit line:

  • Journal article: "From Community College Journal [volume and date]. Reprinted by permission of American Association of Community Colleges."
  • Daily article: "From Community College Daily, [date]. Reprinted by permission of American Association of Community Colleges."
  • Excerpt from a book: Include complete bibliographic citation, followed by the phrase "Reprinted by permission."
  • Appearance on Web: Include complete bibliographic citation of the work, followed by the phrase "Source: American Association of Community Colleges." Link the page back to AACC's website:

Written Permission Required and Fees Negotiable

  • Materials to be used in course packets that are sold to students.
  • Materials to be republished in any work that will be sold.
  • Fee or royalties determined on a case-by-case basis. Include credit lines as noted above. If work has a reference section, include complete bibliographic citation for AACC material.

Permission Not Granted

  • Any work in its entirety, unless permission is indicated on the document.

Terms subject to change. Please consult AACC Catalog for information about prices and discounts on bulk purchases. For current books, contact Community College Press Sales Office, (800) 250-6557. For out of print titles, contact Bell and Howell/UMI Books on Demand, (800) 521-0600, ext. 3781. For bulk purchases of the Journal or Daily, e-mail Tabitha Whissemore at

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