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 Leadership Webinars 

No Leadership Webinars Scheduled at This Time

All webinars are offered at Eastern Time (EDT) unless otherwise noted.

Past Webinars

1.)  December 6, 2012 l 12:00 – 1:00pm
Heartland GPS: Guided Path to Success—a 10,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Learn "tricks of the trade" as a leading community college broadens its efforts to support student success. By blending honored traditions with creative innovations, Heartland Community College has embarked upon a journey to develop a comprehensive culture focused on student success. From College-wide strategic planning to ground level operations, join a continual brainstorming session in progress where cultural successes and challenges will be shared. Key momentum points and vital initiatives will be reviewed to help colleagues substantially move the student success needle in their own institutions. A robust list of electronically available resources and examples will also be shared.

Dr. Allen Goben
President, Heartland Community College

2.)  November 9, 2012 l 12:00 - 1:30pm
No More Chalk and Talk:  Collaborative  Learning in the Higher Educational Classroom

This webinar will focus on Implementing research based collaborative learning practices (including  technology based practices) within all disciplines of college. Research indicates an improvement to both student achievement of learning outcomes and boosts persistence rates based on qualitative data collected.

Malinda Mansfield
Director of Student Success North Central Region
Ivy Tech Community College
To access Malinda's e-portfolio, click here

3.)  November 13, 2012 l 2:00 – 3:00pm
DREAMing of 2030: Promoting Stewardship and Student Success through Grassroots Innovation

Tarrant County College is not unique among institutions of higher learning in that it has historically operated as a series of mutually exclusive silos rather than as a unified, strategically-minded, student success engine. Moreover, public institutions are under increasing pressure to effectively and efficiently deploy resources through projects that demonstrate responsible stewardship of taxpayer resources. By developing a tool for inspired, informed, and objective decision-making, Tarrant County College has created a vehicle for institutional change that engenders a sense of transparency, ownership and efficacy among students, faculty and staff.

With this tool, planning is a coordinated, streamlined, strategic effort that allows for more efficient communication and use of resources for the college as a whole, within its internal operational divisions, and for outside consultants. A "go-no go" business approach allows for quick filtering and implementation of emergency and low-cost initiatives, increasing departmental and system efficiency, while redirecting complicated or costly issues. Evaluative criteria is based on the institution's values — diversity, relevance, engagement, access and metrics (DREAM) — all of which ensure the institution is a responsible steward in each of its charges in the public interest. This dynamic webinar demonstrates this need for change, and how to move forward within a strategic framework that embraces all stakeholders.

Cacy Curtis
Director of Strategic Initiatives, TCCD

Tom Dwyer
Boka Powell

Dr. Joy Gates Black
Vice Chancellor for Student Success, TCCD

Margaret Lutton
Director of Strategic Project Development, TCCD

Dr. David Wells
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, TCCD

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