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Ahmed, Ismael
Executive Director
Arab Comm Cntr for Eco and Social Serv

Allen, W. Ron
Tribal Chairman/Executive Director
Jamestown-S'Klallam Tribe

Anoatubby, Bill
The Chickasaw Nation

Arnold, J. Keith
Representative, District 73
State of Florida

Arroyo, Carmen
New York State Assemblywoman
New York State Assembly

Bald, Mike
States Attorney
Stephenson County

Battisti, Rose Marie
Executive Director
Asian Children Services

Bean, Jeffrey
Regional Director
FEMA (Federal Emergency Mgmt. Agency)

Bean, Stephen
Macon County Clerk
Macon County

Bejarano, David
Chief of Police
City of San Diego

Benz, K. Michael
President & CEO, United Way Services, Cleveland
United Way Services

Berger, Dottie
Commissioner, District 4
Hillsborough County

Binkley, Donna Toepfer
Project Help

Boyd, F. Allen
U.S. Congress

Browner, Carol
(Former) Administrator
Environmental Protection Agency

Bullock, Bob
Lt. Governor
State of Texas

Butler, Leonard
Chief Of Police
Navajo Nation Department of Law Enforcem

Cahill, James
City of New Brunswick

Campbell, Bonnie
Former Director, Violence Against Women Office
U. S. Department of Justice

Canavan, Christine
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Carey, Cathleen
Executive Director
Ohio Learning Network

Carmona, Roberto
Technical Assistance Specialist
National Council of La Raza

Cayetano, Benjamin
State of Hawaii

Clay, Kathleen
Clay, Wilson & Associates

Connelly, Edie
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3
Montgomery County

Costello, Jr., Joseph
Monroe County Probate Court Judge
Monroe County

Cuellar, Henry
State Representative, District 42
State of Texas

DeShields, Marilyn
National HFA Trainer/Consultant
Lima's Healthy Connections, Inc.

Dressler, Michael
Bergen County Surrogate
County of Bergen

Dunlap, George
Community Police Coordinator
Charlotte, NC Police Dept.

Earley, Brian
Membership Development
Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce

Elliott-Stevens, Patricia
Deputy Commissioner
NY State Office of Temp and Disability

Evans, Lane
U.S. House of Representatives

Farmer, Gary
State of Florida Distr. Court of Appeals

Foley, Mark
Representative, US House of Representatives
United States Congress

Glendening, Parris
State of Maryland

Gonzalez, Henry
US Congress

Good, Steven
Palos Hills Police Dept.

Gordon, Karen
Executive Director
Commission on Econ. Opport. - Rennselaer

Gordon, Thomas
New Castle County Executive
New Castle County

Grace, William
Founding Director
Center for Ethical Leadership

Hecht, Sue
Delegate (State Legislature)
State of Maryland and Frostburg U.

Heckman, Shirley
Resource Development Director
Institute of Cultural Affairs

Holland, Jeffrey
Member of the Council of the Twelve Apostles
Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints

Jackman-Brown, Pam
Judge, Civil Court of the City of N.Y.
State of New York

Jones, Michael
Executive Director, Soul Patrol
Houston Police Department

Kehl, Allan
County Executive
Kenosha County

Lacy, Elise
State of Colorado

LaHood, Ray
U.S. Representative

Langford, Larry
City of Fairfield

Libous, Thomas
State Senator, 51st District
State of New York

Luther Kennard, Joyce
Associate Judge, California Supreme Court
California State Justice Department

Lychner, Pamela
Justice For All

Lyons, Eileen
State Representative
State of Illinois

Mann, Susan
Vice-President of Hospice, Inc.
Hospice, Inc. in Wichita, Kansas

Marquez, Awilda
Assistant Secretary and Director General of the U.S. and Foreign Cmrcial Sv
U.S. Department of Commerce

Mathis, David
Director, Oneida County
Oneida County (NY)

McDaniel, Steve
State Representative, District 72
State of Tennessee

McFadyen, Jr., William
District of Attorney, District 3B
State of North Carolina

Mfume, Kweisi

Michalic, Mark
Resident Agent in Charge
United States Treasury Dept. ATF

Musgrove, David
Lt. Governor
State of Mississippi

O'Connell, Jack
State of California

O'Neill, Beverly
City of Long Beach

Oftelie, Stan
Chief Executive Officer
Orange County Transportation Authority

Orozco, Alex
City Planner
Chicago Dept. of Economic Development

Osantowski, Karla
Grant Administrator/Director
Domestic Violence Project, Chicago Hgts.

Padilla, Stephen
Deputy Mayor
City of Chula Vista

Rains, Sr., T. Euclid
Former Representative, District 26
State of Alabama

Ramirez, Roberto
Assemblyman, 78th Assembly District
New York State Assembly

Reyes, Silvestre
U. S. Congress

Reyna, Elvira
State Representative

Rial-Colon, Cynthia
Activities Coord.
Departamento de la Familia

Rice, Norman
Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle

Rodriguez, Harold
Police Officer
City of Chicago

Rogan, James
United States Congress

Ross, Calvin
Dept. of Juvenille Justice (Florida)

Salmon, Matt
United States Representative

Sandberg, Annette
Chief of the Washington State Patrol
Washington State Patrol

Sangmeister, George
11th District (Illinois)

Scully, Kevin
Chief of Police
Burlington, Vermont Police Department

Shinn, David
Ambassador/Coordinator, Somalia
U.S. Dept. of State

Sikora, Peter
Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas

Smith Morrill, Justin
US Congress

Smith, Tamra
17th Judicial District, State of Tenness

Sosa, Jose
New Jersey State

Spencer, Leland
Counselor for Substance Abuse and Mental Health
NC Department of Human Resources

Strokke, Michael
Chief of Staff (Congreessman T. Ewing)
Congressman Tom Ewing

Tagle, Hilda
Judge, 148th District Court
State of Texas

Taylor, Charles
Broughton Hospital, Social Services Dept

Terras, Donald
Director of Lighthouse Park Dist./Visiting Lecturer at Northeastern Illinoi
Lighthouse Park District

Tomljanovich, Esther
Supreme Court Judge (Minnesota)
State of Minnesota

Torres-Gil, Fernando
Assistant Secretary for Aging
Dept. of Health and Human Services

Twigg, Marvena
Assistant National Director
Youth Advocate Program, Inc.

Valdez, Carlos
Nueces County District Attorney
Nueces County

Walker, Jr., Roger
Macon County

Wallace, Becky
United States Marshal
Dept. of Justice, U.S. Marshals Service

Wallace, Portia
Sergeant - Highway Patrol Division
Lake County Sheriff's Police

Washington, Rudy
Deputy Mayor for Community Development, NY
Mayor, City of New York

Waters, Michael
Fire Coordinator
Onondaga County

Watson, Diane
Ambassador to Micronesia

White, Ronnie
Supreme Court Associate Judge
State of Missouri

Willis-Merrell, Luanne
FAA - Great Lakes Regional Office

Wolff, Jerome
Chief of Police
City of Brookfield

Wrenn, Robert
Clerk of Circuit Court
Greensville County, VA

Wright, Jim
Former Speaker of the House

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