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 AACC Resolution on Closing the Equity Gap 


Whereas the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) is the recognized advocate for community colleges as well as the primary source of information about community colleges; and

Whereas the nation's community colleges enroll more freshmen and sophomores in higher education than any segment of higher education; and

Whereas community colleges are the point of entry to higher education for the majority of the nation's first generation, minority, and low-income students; and

Whereas community colleges provide options for students to seek degrees leading to university transfer; to employment in technical, vocational and health-related professions; or certifications for employment, re-employment, and career advancement; and

Whereas education beyond high school has become essential both for the student and for employers; and

Whereas individual students with low income, from minority backgrounds, or from families where college attendance is not the norm nor encouraged are less likely to enroll in institutions of higher education and to be successful once enrolled; and

Whereas studies show that the more education one has, the more likely that person is to earn a higher income and the less likely that person is to be unemployed, to be on welfare, or to live in poverty; and

Whereas studies show that the more education and income one has, the less likely that person is to be incarcerated; and

Whereas the nation's needs for a technically competent workforce can be addressed through numerous programs currently offered at community colleges;

Therefore, be it resolved that the American Association of Community Colleges commit and work to close the equity gap and expand opportunities for all students, including first generation, minority, low-income, and incarcerated students.

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