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 Education Associates 

ACT, Inc. 
Richard Ferguson, President 

Alpha Beta Gamma 
John D. Christesen, Chief Executive Officer

American Indian Higher Education Consortium 
Gerald E. Gipp, Executive Director 

American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges 
Kathy Mowers, President

Antioch University, McGregor
Iris Weisman, Chair of Community College Management Department

Appalachian College Association
Eldon L. Miller, President

Appalachian State University
Michael Dale, President

Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges 
Edward Franklin, Executive Director 

Association of Canadian Community Colleges 
Gerald Brown, President

Association of Colleges of Applied Arts & Tech of Ontario 
Joan S. Homer, Executive Director 

Association of Community College Trustees 
J. Noah Brown, President and Chief Executive Officer

Bayamon Community College 
Tanus J.Saad-Marrero, President

Carnegie Technology Education 
Allan Fisher, President and CEO 

Joe May, Executive Director 

Community College Leadership Program 
John E. Roueche, Professor and Director

Community College Research Center 
Thomas R.Bailey, Director 

Community Colleges for International Development, Inc 
Carol Stax Brown, President

Consortium for Community College Development
Patricia Carter, Executive Director

Council for Adult and Experiential Learning 
Pam Tate, President

Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica
Shirley Whylie, Chairman

Education Systems Exchange
Janet M. Hyllested, Senior Vice President

Education Commission of the States 
Ted Sanders, President

ERIC Clearinghouse for Community Colleges
Arthur Cohen, Director

Faculty Association of California Community Colleges
Jonathon Lightman, Executive Director  

Florida Association of Community Colleges
Michael P. Brawer, Executive Director/CEO

Franklin University 
Shirley Palumbo, VP, Academics and Curriculum Development 

George Mason University 
Gustavo A. Mellander, Director

Global Financial Aid Services, Inc.
Matthew Johnner, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Amy Yribarren Poullos, Program Coordinator

Idaho Division of Professional-Technical Education
Mike Rush, Administrator

Idaho State University
Jonathan Lawson, Academic Vice President

Illinois Community College Trustees Association 
Gary W. Davis, Executive Director 

Illinois State Board of Higher Education 
Keith R. Sanders, Executive Director 

INTELECOM Intelligent Telecommunications 
Sally V. Beaty, President

International Consortium for Educational & Economic Development 
Enrique Perez, Executive Director 

Iowa Association of Community College Presidents 
Gene Gardner, Executive Director 

Kansas Association of Community Colleges 
Sheila Frahm, Executive Director 

Kentucky Advanced Technology Institute 
Jack Thomas, Director 

League For Innovation in the Community College 
Mark David Milliron, President and CEO  

Learning Resources Network (LERN) 
William Draves, Executive Director

Maryland Association of Community Colleges 
Kay Bienen, Executive Director 

Michigan Community College Association 
Thomas M. Bernthal, Executive Director 

Missouri Community College Association 
James S. Kellerman, Executive Director 

Missouri Southern State University 
Julio S. Leon, President

National Center for Construct Education & Research 
Kurt R. Morauer, School-To-Career Director

National Research Center for Career and Technical Education
Floyd McKinney, Executive Director

National Junior College Athletic Association 
George Killian, Executive Director 

National Network of Health Career Programs in Two Year Colleges
Cullen Johnson, Executive Director

National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing 
Judi Crume, President

Nebraska Community College Association
Dennis G. Baack, Executive Director

New York Community College Trustees 
Karen Cunningham, Executive Director 

North Carolina State University
Carol Kasworm, Department Head

North Central University
Dr. Gordon Anderson, President

Ogden-Weber Applied Technology Center
Collette Mercier, Training Director 

Ohio Association of Community Colleges 
Terry M. Thomas, Executive Director 

Ohio Association of Two-Year Colleges 
Russell K. Davis III, Treasurer

Oklahoma Association of Community Colleges
Phil Shirley, President 

Oregon Community College Association 
Andrea Henderson, Executive Director 

Oregon Department of Education 
Ron Dexter, Associate Superintendent 

Oregon State University, Western Center for Community College Development 
Betty Duvall, Professor

Penn State University 
Workforce Education & Development, Director, Workforce Ed & Development 

Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges 
Patricia Krebs, Interim Executive Director 

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society 
Rod A. Risley, Executive Director 

Princeton Theological Seminary 
Joicy Becker-Richards, Director, Educational Comm & Tech 

Psi Beta
Carol Tracy, Executive Director 

Reid State Technical College 
Ulysses McBride, President

Savannah College of Art & Design 
Aliya Frazier, Transfer Articulation Manager

Skills USA - VICA 
Tim Lawrence, Executive Director 

Southeastern Technical College
Cathryn Meehan, President

Texas A & M University
Jon E. Travis, Director, Center for Community College Education

Texas Association of Community Colleges 
Reynaldo Garcia, Executive Director 

The Association for Colleges 
Ruth Gee, Chief Executive Officer 

The Beacon Institute for Learning 
Gregory Finkelstein, Senior Vice President

The Community College At Lingnan University
Hong Kong

The Community College Foundation 
David R. Springett, President

Training Track
Andrew Kelley, Chief Executive Officer

Trenholm State Technical College
Gale Taylor, Interim President

Victoria Chavez Jorda, Programas Internacionales

University of Alaska Corporate Programs 
Joyce Helens, Executive Director 

University of Nebraska-Lincoln 
Alan T. Seagren, Professor

University of Houston, Clear Lake 
William A. Staples, President

University of South Florida 
Robert W. Sullins, Dean, Undergraduate Studies 

Valdosta Tech 
James Bridges, President

Vocational Industrial Clubs of America 
Thomas Holdsworth, Director 

Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades 
Paul A. Reid, President

Youth for Understanding International Exchange 
Audree Chase, Manager, Community College Program

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