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 Exemplary CEO/Board Award 

Good governance requires the active participation of a group of people working together toward a common goal. The Exemplary CEO/Board Award recognizes effective collaboration between the board of trustees and the college CEO thereby advancing the college. Download the full Awards of Excellence booket [PDF] or view it on Issuu.

2013 Finalists

Joe Pickens

St. Johns River State College

Professional development opportunities at St. Johns River State College have led to an empowered board of trustees—one that is positioned to have an impact on students and their success. Whether examining the college’s athletics program or creating budgets, board members are full participants in decision making within the college.

Eloy Ortiz Oakley


Long Beach Community College District

Despite difficult financial times, the Long Beach Community College District board of trustees and Superintendent-President Eloy Oakley have managed to increase student success and bring high-impact economic development programs to the area.

Jerry Sue Thorton

Cuyahoga Community College

At Cuyahoga Community College, leadership development is as prevalent at the board level as it is everywhere else in the institution. Through ongoing professional development activities and assessments, the board remains knowledgeable, refreshed, and engaged in serving the ever-changing needs of the students and the community.

DeRionne Pollard

Montgomery College

When DeRionne Pollard became president of Montgomery College, she and the board of trustees quickly got to work laying out a path forward for the college. They developed a long-range strategic plan emphasizing completion, student services, economic development, community engagement, and accountability.  Their partnership also led to entrepreneurial partnerships and the creation of a new governance system in which every voice is heard.

Kathleen Hetherington

Howard Community College

Continuous quality improvement is fundamental to the board of trustees and the president of Howard Community College. Board members’ professional development journey begins on day 1, with a comprehensive new trustee orientation. Through continuous assessment, the board is able to shape future board development and identify areas for growth and improvement. 



Read more about each finalist's CEO/Board collaboration in the Community College Times.


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