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 Join AACC: Your Investment in Success 

AACC offers membership to individuals and institutions interested in community college issues. Membership is open to individuals, institutions and organizations and is renewable annually.

Membership options available

  • Institutional Member
  • Educational Associate
  • Individual Associate
  • Corporate Program

Institutional Member

Open to 2-year, associate degree-granting colleges accredited (or in the process of accreditation) by one of the six regional accrediting agencies. Dues are based on a three-year moving average calculation of adjusted enrollment data (based on IPEDS) to reduce variation in member dues during periods of significant enrollment change. Adjusted enrollment is calculated by adding full-time students to three-fourths the number of part-time students.

  • Call (202.728.0200 x236) or e-mail Wayne Horton to join as an institutional member

State Agencies

State agency dues are $1,410. If all public colleges in a state system are AACC members, the agency’s membership is complimentary.

Multicampus Colleges

A campus of a member, multicampus college may join as an Institutional Member for $1,410.

District Offices

District offices of multicollege systems automatically become Institutional Members when all district colleges join. The district office may join independently for $1,410 when at least half of the district colleges are members.

Educational Associate

Open to any nonprofit organization interested in education issues or any educational institution not eligible for Institutional Membership. Subject to approval.

  • Fee $750
  • Call (202.728.0200 x236) or e-mail Wayne Horton to join as an Educational Associate

Individual Associate

Open to trustees, administrators, and other individuals interested in higher education issues and trends.

  • Fee $110
  • Apply online
  • Please note: Individual Associate Members do not receive the same benefits as Institutional Members; for full details, call (202.728.0200 x236) or e-mail Wayne Horton.

Corporate Program

AACC's Corporate Program connects businesses and colleges, increasing the effectiveness of both in serving student and community needs. Companies enhance their visibility through event sponsorships, exhibits at AACC's annual convention and other meetings, and through one-on-one engagement at national and regional levels.

 Contact Information

Wayne Horton
Member Services Associate
Ph: 202.728.0200 x236


 Is Your College a Member?

All our institutional members are on the Community College Finder. Use our handy guide to find out if your college is a member of AACC.

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