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 About Our Board of Directors  

AACC is governed by a 32-member Board of Directors. The Board acts on behalf of the institutional members to create and re-create a vision for AACC and to determine and assure appropriate organizational performance. The Board is committed to guaranteeing accountability of AACC to the membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who elects the Board?

24 members are elected by the AACC membership (18 institutional representatives and six affiliated council representatives). Six are elected by the Board itself (three institutional at-large members and three public at-large members, representing constituencies such as boards of trustees, business or government). The chair is elected by the Board and serves one year as chair-elect, one year as chair, and one year as past chair.

How can I become a Board member?

Following the annual August Board meeting, AACC solicits nominations from CEOs of Institutional members. Nominations are due in the AACC office no later than the first Friday in October. CEOs may self-nominate, may be nominated by another member, or may be contacted by the Board’s Committee on Directors and Membership Services and asked if they will allow their names to go forward to the candidate pool.

Nominations can be submitted to the chair of the Committee on Directors and Membership Services via email simply by stating the name, job title, college, and state of the nominee.

At the November Board meeting, the Committee on Directors and Membership Services reviews the nominations and develops the slate. The Board approves the slate. Those nominees included on the slate will be contacted and must confirm their desire to appear on the ballot.

If a nominee is not selected for the slate by the committee or decides that he/she wants to be added to the slate, he or she may still secure a place on the ballot by obtaining 50 letters of endorsement on college letterhead, each signed by a member CEO. Letters must be received in the AACC office by December 31. 

When are Board elections?

Election brochures and ballots are emailed out to AACC member CEOs by February 5. Completed e-ballots must be received in the AACC office by February 28.

How long are Board terms?

Board members serve for three years. A board member may serve two terms, but not consecutively.

Board terms begin July 1.

When are Board meetings held?

The Board meets at least three times each year—in the late summer in Washington, DC; at AACC’s Fall Meeting in Washington, DC, and during the annual AACC Convention each spring.

 Contact Information

Dr. Angel M. Royal
Chief of Staff
Ph: 202.728.0200 x255

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